Merge Dragons Secret Levels

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Merge Dragon’s secret levels are levels that are very similar to normal levels. They can be played up to 3 times in order to get bonus rewards. Completing them also gives you stars.

The only way to find secret levels in Merge Dragons is to tap on them on the map. The levels aren’t shown on the map, meaning that you’ll need to know the exact location of all these levels before you can find them.

Merge Dragons Secret Levels

List of 30 Secret Levels in Merge Dragons

There are 30+ secret levels in Merge Dragons that are not shown on the map. You can find them by tapping on hidden objects like flowers and treasure chests.

Secret NameLocation DescriptionLevel
Outskirts 5Tap on a golden chest near level 5.5
The Secret of FourTap on a four-leaf clover near level 8.8
Totem GridTap on a totem pole near level 15.15
The HealerTap on a pink flower near level 21.21
Secret The CrescentTap on a crescent-shaped pond near level 27.27
Secret The Golden MeadowTap on a golden mushroom near level 28.28
Secret The IslesTap on a blue flower near level 35.35
Secret Fountain GrottoTap on a fountain statue near level 39.39
Secret Totem ShireTap on a totem statue near level 46.46
Secret Veldt FallsTap on a waterfall rock near level 50.50
Grimshire ???Tap on an orange flower with purple dots near Grimshire Level 2.2
Spell Shore ??Tap on an orange flower with blue dots near Spell Shore Level 2.2
Shroomia ???Tap on an orange flower with green dots near Shroomia Level 2.2
Skull Grove ???Tap on an orange flower with red dots near Skull Grove Level 2.2
Zomblin Falls ???Tap on an orange flower with yellow dots near Zomblin Falls Level 2.2
Secret The JesterTap on a jester hat next to Challenge Level #9.
Secret FjordTap on an ice block next to Fjord Level #6.
Secret Dread MarshTap on a skull next to Dread Marsh Level #3.
Secret Totem Shire IITap on another totem statue next to Totem Shire II Level #1.
Secret Kala’s DenUnlock Kala’s daily trade and tap her den (requires internet connection).
Secret The Healer’s DenTap on a purple flower near level 65.65
Secret The Ancient ForestTap on a green mushroom near level 70.70
Secret The Autumn TreesTap on an orange tree near level 75.75
Secret The Sapphire PlainsTap on a blue gemstone near level 80.80
Secret The Frozen SwampTap on a frozen pond near level 85.85
Secret The Cursed LandTap on a dark cloud next to Cursed Land Level #1.
Secret ShambalaUnlock Zen Dragon Egg Chests and tap one of them.
Secret UtopiaUnlock Moon Dragon Egg Chests and tap one of them.
Secret AtlantisUnlock Mystery Nest (Sapphire) and tap it.
Secret Craven CryptUnlock Mystery Nest (Ruby Fire) and tap it.

Tips for playing Merge Dragons

Combine absolutely everything

You can merge not only dragons, but also coins, chests, flowers, trees, Super Eggs, stars, etc. The more you merge, the more rewards you get.

Interact with your dragons until they’re exhausted.

Your dragons will harvest items for you automatically when they are awake. You can tap on them to make them work faster or direct them to specific items. When they are tired, they will go to sleep on their homes.

Create new buildings by combining the old ones.

You can merge buildings such as dragon homes, coin vaults, stone yards, etc. to create bigger and better versions that can hold more resources or house more dragons.

Expand your camp with more dragons.

You can get new dragon eggs from various sources such as levels, Merge Dragons Events, Dragons Chests, shops, etc. You can merge three or five eggs of the same type to hatch a new dragon. The more dragons you have, the faster you can harvest and heal your camp.

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