Squid Ink Cookie Toppings and Builds

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The best toppings for Squid Ink Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom are either Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate. Searing Raspberry increases the attack and damage of Squid Ink Cookie, while Swift Chocolate reduces the skill cooldown time. You can use five of either topping or mix them according to your preference.

Squid Ink Cookie Toppings and Builds

How do I get Searing Raspberries or Swift Chocolates?

Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate are two types of toppings that you can use to enhance your cookies’ stats in Cookie Run: Kingdom. To get them, you need to farm topping pieces from various stages in the game. You can also get them from events, rewards, or gacha. Once you have enough topping pieces, you can craft them in the Topping Workshop.

You can select a level and leave the game on autoplay for minimal effort, or use timeskips if you had beaten the stage on 3-stars before. Different stages drop different types of topping pieces, so you need to check which ones you need before farming. It is recommended to check which topping pieces you need before farming in Cookie Run: Kingdom Characters List since different stages drop different types of topping pieces.

Best Toppings for Each Cookie

There are different toppings for each cookie depending on their role and skill. Here are some examples of the best toppings for some cookies:

Adventurer Cookie: Bouncy Caramel (x2) and Searing Raspberry (x3) for attack speed and attack

Cocoa Cookie: Swift Chocolate (x5) or Solid Almond (x5) for skill cooldown or damage resistance.

Frost Queen Cookie: Swift Chocolate (x5) for skill cooldown.

Kumiho Cookie: Bouncy Caramel (x5) for attack speed.

Pastry Cookie: Searing Raspberry (x5) or Searing Raspberry (x3) and Bouncy Caramel (x2) for attack.

Sherbet Cookie: Searing Raspberry (x5) or Swift Chocolate (x5) for attack or skill cooldown.

How to equip toppings to cookies?

To equip toppings to cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the Cookies button in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the cookie you want to add toppings to.
  • Click the box labeled Toppings .
  • Choose which topping you want to add.
  • Select the Equip button.
  • Each cookie can equip up to five toppings, with a new slot unlocking every fifth level. Different toppings have different effects and bonuses for your cookies.

Best Cookie Teams

Some of the best cookie teams for Cookie Run Kingdom depend on your strategy and preference. Here are some examples of popular teams:

  • Double Charger Team: Financier Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, and any BTS Cookie. This team focuses on charging skills quickly and dealing massive damage.

  • Double Tank Team: Hollyberry Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Latte Cookie, Herb Cookie, and any healer. This team focuses on surviving and healing while dealing steady damage.

  • Summoner Team: Purple Yam Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, and any healer. This team focuses on summoning allies and distracting enemies while dealing damage over time.

  • Stall Team: Oyster Shellfish Cake Soulstone (treasure), Prophet’s Stone (treasure), Hollyberry Cookie/Crunchy Chip/Captain Caviar/Black Pearl/Purple Yam/Financier/BTS Cookies. This team focuses on stalling the enemy and not losing battles.

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