PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings for Low Recoil in Every Gunfight

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Mastering control in PUBG Mobile means conquering the beast within: weapon recoil. Fear not, warriors! This guide lays bare the optimal PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings for low recoil, transforming you from shaky rookie to recoil-taming pro.

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings for Low Recoil

Why Sensitivity Matters in PUBG Mobile?

Think of sensitivity as the bridge between your fingers and your crosshairs. A low sensitivity offers precise control, ideal for counteracting the upward climb of a gun’s recoil. But go too low, and aiming becomes sluggish, a snail in a shotgun fight. Finding the sweet spot is key.

General Recoil Control Tips:

Beyond sensitivity, remember these recoil-slaying techniques:

  • Attachments: Equip muzzle brakes, compensators, and grips to dampen recoil.
  • Tap firing: Instead of spraying, fire-controlled bursts for better accuracy and recoil management.
  • Practice makes perfect: Hit the training grounds and drills to master each weapon’s recoil pattern.

The Settings Arsenal:

Now, let’s arm you with the sensitivity settings that will have you laughing in the face of recoil:

Camera Sensitivity:

TPS (no scope)120
FPS (no scope)120
Red dot, holographic sight50
2X scope50
3X, 4X scopes40
6X scope15
8X scope14

ADS Sensitivity:

Match the camera sensitivity values for each scope sight.

Gyroscope Sensitivity:

This setting utilizes your phone’s gyroscope for even finer recoil control. Start with:

TPS (no scope)400
FPS (no scope)400
Red dot, holographic sight300
2X, 3X, 4X scopes300
6X scope60
8X scope70

ADS Gyroscope:

Match the gyroscope sensitivity values for each scope sight, except:

TPS (no scope)400
FPS (no scope)400
Red dot, holographic sight300
2X, 3X, 4X scopes300
6X scope70
8X scope60

Fine-Tuning Your Arsenal:

These settings are a starting point. Adjust them based on your device, personal preference, and the weapon you’re wielding. Experiment, practice, and find the sweet spot that turns you into a recoil-defying legend.

Beyond Settings:

Remember, sensitivity is just one weapon in your recoil-conquering arsenal. Utilize attachments, master firing techniques, and most importantly, practice! Dedicate time to training drills, and soon, even the most ferocious recoil will tremble before your precision.

Additional Tips for Sensitivity Settings:

  • Consider separate sensitivity profiles for different weapon types like Assault Rifles, SMGs, and Snipers.
  • Check out pro player settings for inspiration, but remember, their preferences might not be yours!
  • Don’t neglect crosshair customization. Find a crosshair that aids your recoil control and target acquisition.

Wrap Up:

With these tips and settings, you’ll be well on your way to vanquishing weapon recoil and dominating the PUBG Mobile battlefield. Remember, warriors, the key to victory lies not just in sensitivity, but in dedication, practice, and the unyielding spirit of a true recoil master!

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