Merge Dragons Events

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The objective of the Merge Dragons is to merge items in sets of 3 or 5 in order to create higher levels of Items and Dragons. During these events you have Mystic Clouds you can unlock to discover more items on new land that can help you to beat the event. Sometimes there are Life Orbs, Point Items, Coins and more useful items!

Merge Dragons Events

Merge Dragons Events List

Events Name
Magic Moon Event
Lunar Light Event
Fly Me to the Moon Event
Moonlight Bunny Event
Under the Moon Event
Halloween Event
Fa-boo-lous Halloween Event
Thanksgiving Event
Fall Event
Christmas Event
Oh Christmas Tree! Event
Ancient Games
Zen Dragon Event
Shogun Shiba Event
Sakura Dream Event
St. Valentine’s Day Event
Valentine’s Day Event
Sweet Surprise Event
Red Rose Event
My Sweet Valentine Event
Rekindling the Flame Event
Easter Event
Earth Day Event
Ocean Breeze Event
Frozen Seas Event
Healing Waves Event
Toy Event
Playing with the Past Event
Toys Galore Event
Let’s Partoy Event
Fairy Tale Event
Once Upon a Time Event
Shrooms & Fairies Event
Bloom Shrooms Event
Summer Event
Magical Summer Event
Summer Dreaming Event
Pet Event
Claws and Paws Event
Purrfect Paws Event
Bone Appetit Event
Flowering Felines Event
Year’s End Celebration Event
Chinese New Year Event
The Year of the Rat Event
Dragon Boat Event
The Year of the Ox Event
Carnival Event
Calypso Carnival Event
Fun Fair Event
Owlympus Event
Atlantis Event
The Odyssey Event
Fire and Ice Event
Midsummer Event
Camp & Chill Event
Dessert Night Event
Star Oasis Event
Hathor Hearts Event
Moon Juice Event
Best of 2019 Event
Froopy Flight Event
Mortyablo Deja Moo Event
Summer Delight Event
Friendship Event
Merge Dragons! Birthday Event
Sailing to the Sun Event
Sugar Fruits Event
Healing Crystals Event
Happy New Year Event
Happy 2021 Event
Happy 2022 Event
Den Events
Flufflands Event
Fluff Mountain Event
Fluff Cove Event
Frogan Wells Event

Types of Events in Merge Dragon!

  • In-Camp Event
  • Seasons Event
  • Out-Of-Camp Events

What is the objective of Merge Dragons?

The objective of Merge Dragons! is quite simple: Combine specific objects on the board in order to complete the stage and proceed to the next level. Almost anything can be combined in this game; if you have three identical objects, you can simply drag them next to each other and they will merge into an object with the same properties, but with stronger effects.

For instance, you can combine three Life Flower Sprouts to create a Life Flower; three Life Flowers to create a Blue Life Flower; and so on. While playing Merge Dragons!, you can merge specific objects to complete stages and progress to the next level, and combining three identical objects will create an object with stronger effects, but the game also features Secret Levels to explore.

What are some other games like Merge Dragons?

Here are some games that are similar to Merge Dragons:

  • Puzzle Forge 2
  • Park of Monster
  • Merge Star: Adventure of a Me
  • Merge Dungeon
  • Age of 2048™: City Merge Games
  • DragonSky: Idle & Merge
  • Merge Mayor – Match Puzzle
  • Merge Magic

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