Dragon City – Events List

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Staying up-to-date with the events calendar in Dragon City is crucial for maximizing your gameplay experience. The calendar showcases all ongoing and upcoming mini-games and events, including their start and end dates. Participating in these events gives players the chance to earn unique rewards, like exclusive dragons.

Additionally, completing specific tasks within the events will grant players event tokens which can be redeemed to progress further. Make sure to keep an eye on the events calendar to stay on top of the action and reap the benefits!

Exciting events are now available in Dragon City! These mini-games offer players a chance to have fun and win amazing rewards for their game progress. The events are available for different time limits ranging from 4 to 11 days, so be sure to take advantage of them while they last.

The Wheel of Luck is a popular mini-game in Dragon City, where you can spin every 6 hours to earn rewards, including unique dragons. You can accumulate points each time you spin the wheel and progress toward your reward. If you do not want to wait for the next spin, you can use 2,000 gold to remove the waiting time.

It’s important to note that there are two options for spinning the wheel – a normal spin and a real spin, which doubles the points earned. However, the waiting time for each spin remains the same, at 6 hours.

Dragon City Events List

DateUpdate TitleNew Dragon
29 Dec – Jan 9Dragons Reborn Maze IslandCactispine Dragon
29 Dec – 26 JanDivine Pass: Arcana Season 2 – Wheel of FortuneArcana Wheel Dragon
30 Dec – 4 JanDragons Reborn Puzzle IslandPolipurge Dragon
4 Jan – Jan 8Dragons Reborn Runner IslandScoville Dragon
9 Jan – 14 JanAssassi-nation Puzzle IslandSilent Slay Dragon
9 Jan – 16 JanAssassi-nation Grid IslandFast Feline Dragon
14 Jan – 18 JanAssassi-nation Runner IslandScorpiate Dragon
16 Jan – 19 JanAssassi-nation Maze IslandAnaconductor Dragon
19 Jan – 30 JanRace to Stardom Heroic RaceHigh Five Dragon
21 Jan – 24 JanRace to Stardom Fog IslandGatekeeper Dragon
25 Jan – 29 JanRace to Stardom Maze IslandTwinkle Dragon
26 Jan – 23 FebDivine Pass: Arcana Season 3 – The High PriestessArcana Priestess Dragon
30 Jan – 2 FebForest of Life Tower IslandSummon Dragon

To keep you informed, this post will be updated every month with the latest event details. This way, you’ll never miss out on the chance to play and win big in Dragon City.

We hope this event list proves to be helpful for you in your gaming experience. Enjoy and have fun!

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