Evony General List

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Evony General List is perfect for beginners interested in playing the game. The game is an online real-time strategy game that offers a variety of genres to choose from. The goal of Evony is to build cities and train troops to fight for the Empire.

The Evony generals tier list is a comprehensive ranking system that classifies all of the game’s generals based on their performance and stature. Tier S is the most powerful and Tier D is the weakest of the five tiers.

Evony General List

Evony General List – Character’s Name & Combat Style

Historical Figure NameCombat Style
Abd al-Rahman IGround
AethelflaedMonsters, Attacking Mounted, Ground
AlessandraAttacking Ground
Alexander NevskyGround, Mounted
Alexander SuvorovSiege
Alexander the GreatAttacking Ground
Alfred the GreatAttacking Ranged
Amir TimurGround
Amr ibn al-AsGround
Andrew JacksonAttacking Ranged
AshokaDefending Ranged
Askia Muhammad IDefending Siege
Baldwin IVMounted
Ban ChaoDefending Ground
BarbarossaAttacking Mounted
Basil IIAttacking Ground, Mounted
Bertrand du GuesclinTroops, Attacking Mounted
CaesarMonsters, Attacking Mounted
CarusAttacking Ground, Mounted
Casimir PulaskiSiege
Catherine IIRanged
Charles MartelGround
Charles the GreatMounted
Cnut the GreatMounted
Constance IRanged
Constantine the GreatMounted
Cyrus the GreatAttacking Mounted, Ranged
Darius IGround
David FarragutRanged
DmitryReinforcing Ranged, Ground
Edward the Black PrinceRanged
El CidAttacking Mounted, Ground
ElektraAttacking Ranged, Mounted
EliseTroops, Attacking Ground
Elizabeth IAttacking Ranged
Emperor Qin ShihuangSiege
Empress Dowager CixiMounted
Empress WuRanged
EpaminondasTroops Ground, Mounted
Eulji MundeokRanged
Flavius AetiusSiege
Frederick the GreatRanged
Gaius MariusGround
Gaius OctaviusAttacking Mounted
Genghis KhanAttacking Mounted
George A. CusterAttacking Mounted
George DeweyDefending Ranged, Siege
GnarrTroops, Attacking Ranged, Ground
Guan YuAttacking, Troops Ground, Mounted
Gustavus AdolphusAttacking Siege, Ranged
Gwanggaeto the GreatRanged, Siege
Gwon RyulSiege
Hamilcar BarcaMounted
Han XinMounted
HannibalAttacking Mounted
Harald IIITroops Ranged, Ground
Harun al—RashidRanged
Henry VTroops, Ranged
Hernando CortesMonsters, Attacking Ground
Honda TadakatsuMounted
Hua MulanDefending Mounted
Huo QubingAttacking Mounted
Ii NaomasaMounted
Isabella IAttacking Siege
Ivan IVSiege
JadwigaDefending Mounted
James BowieDefending Ground, Mounted
James ConradAttacking Ranged
Jin YuxinMounted
Joan of ArcMounted
John BufordMonsters, Attacking Mounted
John I of PortugalRanged
John Paul JonesMounted
Joseph E. JohnstonDefending Ranged, Siege
Kim Si-minGround
King ArthurMounted
King SejongGround
Kusunoki MasashigeDefending Ranged
Leo ⅢDefending Siege, Ranged
Leonidas IDefending Ground
Li JingAttacking Mounted
Li ShiminAttacking Ranged
Lu BanRanged
LudwigAttacking Ground
Ly Thuong KietDefending Ranged
LysanderAttacking Mounted
Maeda ToshiieAttacking Ground, Mounted
Mansa MusaGround
Margaret IRanged
MartinusAttacking Mounted
Matthias IAttacking Siege, Ranged
Maurice of NassauDefending, Troops Ranged
Maximilian ITroops, Attacking Mounted
Mehmed IIAttacking Ranged
Mikhail KutuzovSiege
Minamoto no YoshitsuneRanged
Miyamoto MusashiGround
MordredAttacking Mounted
NapoleonAttacking Siege, Ranged
Nathanael GreeneMounted
Nordic Barbarian KingGround
Oda NobunagaGround
Oda OichiDefending Ground, Mounted
Oleg of NovgorodMounted
Otto the GreatDefending Siege
Peter the GreatGround
PetronasAttacking Siege
Phillip IITroops, Attacking Siege
Prince EugeneAttacking Mounted
Prince RhaegarAttacking Mounted, Ground
Princess KaguyaAttacking Ranged, Siege
Princess LucyGround
Queen BoudicaDefending Mounted
Queen JindeokGround
Queen VictoriaGround
Raged KingDefending Siege
Ramesses IIAttacking Siege
Richard the LionheartDefending Siege
Robert GuiscardAttacking Mounted
Robert LeeSiege
Robert the BruceDefending Ground, Mounted
RolandAttacking Mounted
Sanada YukimuraMonsters, Attacking Ground
Scipio AfricanusAttacking Ground
Seleucus IMounted
Septimius SeverusSiege
Shajar al-DurrDefending Ground
ShermanAttacking Siege
Shimazu YoshihiroSiege
Simeon the GreatAttacking Ranged
Suleiman the MagnificentSiege
Tachibana MuneshigeMounted
Takeda ShingenMounted, Ground
Tariq ibn ZiyadMounted
TheodoraMonsters, Attacking Ground, Mounted
Thomas JacksonDefending Mounted
Thutmose IIITroops, Attacking Ranged, Ground
Tokugawa IeyasuGround
TomyrisAttacking Ranged
Toyotomi HideyoriRanged
Toyotomi HideyoshiRanged
Trần Hưng ĐạoDefending Siege
Uesugi KenshinGround
Ulysses S. GrantAttacking Siege, Mounted
Undead GeneralSiege
Vlad al IIIMounted
Vladimir the GreatRanged
Wei QingAttacking Mounted, Ranged
William WallaceSiege
Winfield ScottAttacking Ranged
Xiang YuMounted
Yeon GaesomunGround
Yi Song-gyeRanged
Yi Sun-sinDefending Mounted, Ground
Yodo donoRanged
Yue FeiAttacking Mounted, Ground
Zachary TaylorDefending Ranged, Siege
Zhang LiangGround
Zhao YunAttacking Mounted
Zhuge LiangRanged

What are some tips for playing Evony?

Here are some tips for playing Evony:

  • Make friends: playing Evony with a group of people who have been there and done that can save you countless hours and gems spent upgrading the wrong things.

  • Open your supplies: when you play, you will collect chests, bags, and boxes full of supplies.

  • Explore: look around the maps for stone, lumber, and food to raid.

  • Pick Your Starting Culture Carefully: Europe = strong early game PVE with buffed cavalry. Good defensive income. China = is good for PVP with buffed archers and infantry.

  • Use Your Beginner’s Protection Well: Beginner protection lasts until you Keep level 11 or 7 days after creating your character.

  • Create a Balanced Troop Composition: A balanced troop composition is key to winning battles in Evony.

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