Get Free Rubies in Family Island Fast

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Get Free Rubies in Family Island Fast

What is Family Island?

Family Island is a farming game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventures. You help the family survive on a desert island. You explore wild territories and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands. You build your little own family farm! Grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters.

What are rubies used for in Family Island?

Rubies are the premium currency in Family Island. You can use rubies to speed up the production of goods, buy resources, and unlock new buildings.

How to get rubies in Family Island?

  • You can get rubies by completing tasks on your Home Island and Quest islands, participating in events, and watching ads.
  • You can also get rubies from the gift packs that are scattered across all the islands.
  • As you clear the fog and discover new locations, you will find a ton of gift packs. Open these gift packs just like you do to clear objects and you may get free rubies.

What is the energy used for in Family Island?

Energy is probably the most important resource in Family Island because it allows players to do all the tasks they need to accomplish while they’re playing the game. Even though the game provides many ways to acquire energy for free and the refresh rate not being too long, it’s still nice to have ways to immediately have energy available at a moment’s notice.
You can get extra energy by feeding the family, completing the merchant’s and the shaman’s orders, and opening chests and rare items marked with a gift box icon.

What are some other currencies in Family Island?

Apart from rubies, there are other currencies in Family Island such as coins and energy. Coins are the basic currency in the game and can be used to buy resources and buildings. Energy is used to clear obstacles and perform actions on the island.

How do I download Family Island?

You can download Family Island from the Google Play Store for Android devices or from the App Store for iOS devices. You can also download it on your PC using BlueStacks 5.

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