Pokemon Go Promo Codes – That Never Expire

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Pokemon Go promo codes are special codes that allow users to receive bonus items through special promotions. These codes are often released by Niantic and can be used to redeem free items such as cosmetics, outfits, accessories, and in-game bonuses like potions, revives, raid passes, etc.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes - That Never Expire

How to get Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

  • Follow Niantic on several social media platforms as they offer a limited supply of one-time use codes in partnerships with special events or promotions.
  • Follow them on Twitter @PokemonGoApp, Instagram @pokemongoapp, and their Facebook Pokémon GO Page.
  • Check out websites like IGN and Gamer Journalist for active promo codes.

List of Pokemon Go Promo Codes – That Never Expire

Item CodeItem Description
E9K4SY77F5623Get 10 Pokéballs
KUAXZBJUTP3B7Samsung Cap / Samsung Shirt
LRQEV2VZ59UDAVerizon Jacket / Verizon Mask
53HHNL3RTLXMPYFP10 Pokéballs/ 10 Pinap-berries/ and an Incense
SWHPH9Z4EMZN730 Pokéballs/ Incense/ a Lucky Egg

Pokemon Go Promo Codes – EXPIRED

Item CodeItem Description
RWQNL567S5SP7VTLEd Sheeran shirt
TRFJVYZVVV8R41x Lucky Egg and 10x Max Revives and 30x Ultra Balls
UWJ4PFY623R5X1x Lucky Egg / 5x Stickers / 5x Ultra Balls
DYEZ7HBXCRUZ6EP30 Great Balls and 30x Pinap Berries
5PTHMZ3AZM5QCSinnoh Stone
6W2QRHMM9W2R95 Razz Berries
9FC4SN7K5DAJ61 Star Piece and 5x Stickers
84431646542359110 Poke Balls
53HHNL3RTLXMPYFP10 Pinap Berries
DJTLEKBK2G5EK1 Star Piece and 10x Pinap Berries and 10x Stickers and 20x Ultra Balls
MQE4PFNYVRM6M1x Lure Module and 5x Great Balls and 5x Stickers
E9K4SY77F562310 PokeBalls
GXSD5CJ556NHGThe North Face with Gucci Collection
H7APT5ZTLM45GZV30 Poke Balls
VVM87WGMMUZHTB8XEd Sheeran shirt

How to Redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes

To redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes on iOS devices:

  • Visit the official Niantic rewards website.
  • Log in with the same account as you would playing Pokemon Go in the app.
  • Enter the code in the field.
  • After successfully redeeming an offer code, a message will display the items added to your inventory.

To redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes on Android devices:

  • Open up the Poké Shop from your main menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the shop to find the promo code field.
  • Carefully type in the promo code exactly as it appears on the card or e-mail.
  • Click OK.

Ways to get Free Items in Pokemon Go

You can get free items in Pokemon Go by using promo codes. Promo codes unlock items for free, provided they are accurate codes. These can be obtained in many different ways. For example, players often get promo codes from the Pokémon GO set of the Trading Card Game.

Another way to get free items is by occupying gyms. Up to six Pokémon can be put in a gym, if it’s for your team. Red gyms are owned by Team Valor, yellow gyms are run by Team Instinct and blue gyms are controlled by Team Mystic. If you successfully occupy a gym for a certain amount of time, you will earn PokéCoins which can be used to buy items from the shop.

How often are new promo codes released?

New Pokemon Go Promo Codes are released periodically by Niantic. The frequency of release is not fixed and varies depending on the event or promotion.

What are some rare Pokemon that you can get using promo codes?

The Pokemon Go promo codes are not specific to any particular Pokemon. However, they can help you get rare Pokemon and special equipment that can help you advance more quickly and gain more strength in the game.

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