Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting

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In Free Fire’s in-game lingo, one tap headshot means taking drag shots and connecting those shots to the head. Guns like the M1887 are famous for taking one-tap headshots at close range, and that’s why it’s the preferred choice of gun for entry fraggers. Headshots are an easier way to take down enemies and if you master them, you can have the most kills in the lobby.

Headshots generally deal with more damage than body shots. Hence headshots are an effective way to dominate the enemies in Free Fire. Landing headshots is of crucial importance. It makes you win most fights with ease. Besides, increasing your headshot percentage will instantly make you a better player.

Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting

How to improve the aim of Free Fire?

  • Practice regularly.
  • Gain a high-ground advantage.
  • Use attachments.
  • Shoot while aiming down sights more often.
  • Adjust the sensitivity.
  • Focus fire on the upper torso region to learn how to control recoil.
  • Use a headset or earbuds to listen to enemy footsteps and position yourself for the best shot.
  • Build up fast movement in the hand you use to press the fire button to better master rotational drag and aim.

Best Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting

Here are the best Free Fire sensitivity settings for Auto Headshots:

Type of ScopeValue
Red Dot75
2X Scope69
4X Scope62
AWM Scope34

Best Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting for Long-Range

Here are some of the best Free Fire Max sensitivity settings for headshots in the long-range:

Type of ScopeValue
General90 to 100
Red Dot80
2X Scope70
4X Scope60
AWM Scope50
Free Look60

Best Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting for Short-Range

Here are some of the best Free Fire settings for headshots in close range:

Type of ScopeValue
General90 to 100
Red Dot90
2X Scope85
4X Scope70 to 80
Sniper Scope58 to 60
Free Look67

Best Free Fire Headshots Settings for Different Guns

Here are some of the best Free Fire headshots settings for different guns:

Type of ScopeRange
Red Dot85-95
2x Scope75-85
4x Scope75-85
Sniper Scope60-70
AWM Scope45

Best Attachments for Free Fire

  • Silencer: Hides the firing indicators such as muzzle flush and gunfire sound.
  • Muzzle: Increases the damage of bullets over long distances.
  • Foregrip: Reduces bullet spread and provides more accurate hip fire.
  • Magazine: Increases clip size.
  • Scope: Provides an aiming reticle and a weapon sight that offers magnification.

How to apply Auto Headshot Settings in Free Fire?

Here are the steps to apply the Auto Headshot settings in Free Fire:

  • Launch the Free Fire application, and visit the settings in the game.
  • Click on Graphics settings.
  • Choose Graphics to Ultra.
  • Now change the filter settings, click on filter, and select Bright.
  • Moving ahead, set FPS to Normal.
  • Save all the changes.

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