Pet Master Village Cost List

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Pet Master is a casual mobile game by Moon Active and resembles a lot of Coin Master. Players will have to spin daily for coins that they can use to upgrade their villages in order to level up. Each village requires a different amount of coins to be fully upgraded. The cost for the first village, Camping Moose is 1.2 million coins.

Pet Master Village cost is the number of coins you need to complete a village. You can make an educated guess about the Pet Master village prices if you know the cost for the previous village. In Pet Master, there is a simple rule to calculate the Pet Master Village Cost. Just multiply the amount for the first item on the last row by 30 and you have an excellent estimate.

pet master village cost list

Pet Master Village Cost List

Village NameVillage Cost (Approx.)
Camping Moose1.2 Million
Pig Farmers2.6 Million
Chimp revolution4.2 Million
Mountain Goat Climbers16.4 Million
Mouseketeers20.5 Million
Hippo Beach21.6 Million
Walrus Pirates25.7 Million
Cleocatra32.1 Million
Beaver Bob38.7 Million
Poodle Cuts43.4 Million
Frog Samurai44.7 Million
Top Dog46.6 Million
Caesar Penguins51.2 Million
Turtles Athletics53.2 Million
Skunk Punk58.3 Million
Saiga Sci Fi60.9 Million
Armadillo Aztec Shaman64.6 Million
The Raccoon Job69.3 Million
Fenech Planes73.7 Million
Mole Library76.5 Million
Kangaroo Car Mechanic81.7 Million
Hystrix Tattoo Artist87.3 Million
Nomad Camels94.6 Million
Hyena Comedy Club101.0 Million
Chameleon Painter107.2 Million
Bats Night Club112.5 Million
Game of Horns118.9 Million
Elephant China128.1 Million
Hogfather137.8 Million
Croc Auto147.5 Million
Wolf Detective160.8 Million
Capybara Psychiatrist172.4 Million
Gorilla Greenhouse183.2 Million
Lizard Route 66192.2 Million
Voodoo Possum200.8 Million
Sci Fi Anteater210.7 Million
Iguana Tanning Salon224.1 Million
Mystic Owl237.4 Million
Tapir Fallout253.1 Million
Panther Boxer269.2 Million
Bear in the Hood282.6 Million
Meerkat Ufologist298.8 Million
Bull Country459.1 Million
Polar Bear Santa493.7 Million
Space Sheep522.8 Million Coins
Rabbit Hole548.8 Million Coins
Sloth Pizzeria580.6 Million Coins
Tennis Platypus616.2 Million Coins
Ponycult654.5 Million Coins
Gopher Archaeologist692.9 Million Coins
Dodo Research734.3 Million Coins
Donkey Market777.8 Million Coins
Blacksmith Pangolin817.7 Million Coins
sabertooth Caveman866.7 Million Coins
Monkey Spa921.0 Million Coins
Loris Clock Maker1.04 Billion Coins
Hamster Minigolf1.07 Billion Coins
Panda Gym1.12 Billion Coins
Dalai Lama1.19 Billion Coins
Zebra Fashion1.25 Billion Coins
Squirrel Scout1.31 Billion Coins
Gecko Alchemist1.37 Billion Coins
Tamarin Bankers1.45 Billion Coins
Octopus Chef1.52 Billion Coins
Gold Diggers1.58 Billion Coins
Duckbill Rockability1.67 Billion Coins
Elk Druid1.69 Billion Coins
Weasel Pawn Shop1.77 Billion Coins
Scottish Strong Bull1.89 Billion Coins
Toad Opera1.97 Billion Coins
Flamingo Beach Bar2.07 Billion Coins
Dalmation Mimes2.17 Billion Coins
Gangsta Rats2.31 Billion Coins
Firehorse Department2.41 Billion Coins
Turkey Thanksgiving2.56 Billion Coins
Skydiver Squirrels2.67 Billion Coins
Fat Cat Ninja2.73 Billion Coins
Hedgehog Gardener2.9 Billion Coins
Ostrich Tribe3.11 Billion Coins
Tiger Scroll3.28 Billion Coins
Viking Boars3.5 Billion Coins
Dr Chickenstein3.7 Billion Coins
Painter Rabbit3.99 Billion Coins
Lion Excalibur4.2 Billion Coins
Hamster Robot 4.31 Billion coins
Tiger Circus 4.5 Billion coins
Native Eagles 4.66 Billion coins
Hound Hoops 4.85 Billion coins
Space Apes 4.94 Billion coins
Tomcat Captain 5.13 Billion coins
Bison Potter 5.37 Billion coins
Civet Coffee 5.53 Billion coins
Chihuahua Max 5.84 Billion coins
Flexing Felines 6.22 Billion coins

What are villages used for in the Pet Master Game?

Apart from being an awesome place to hang out, your village represents the level you are currently at in the game. So naturally, you’ll want to complete your village and take it to the next level as quickly as possible. Your village is complete when all five items in the village are fully upgraded, which is done by simply giving them a tap.

How to get more Coins in Pet Master?

Here are some ways to get more coins in Pet Master:

  • Spin the slot machine to get gold coins and earn stars by upgrading your village.
  • Use the tiger pet in the game to get extra coins when attacking someone.
  • Use Foxy Pet in the game to get extra coins when raiding someone.
  • Defend your village from attacks using a Rhino pet in the Pet Master game.
  • Use daily free spins and coins links available for Pet Master.

How many Villages are there in Pet Master?

As of December 2022, there are 220 villages in Pet Master.

What is the most expensive Village in Pet Master?

The most expensive village in Pet Master is Village Level 9 which costs 1.2 billion coins.

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