Cookie Run Kingdom Soulstone

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Soulstones in Cookie Run Kingdom can be used to upgrade Cookies that players own. Promotion of Cookies includes increasing their base Health Points (HP), Defense (DEF), and Attack (ATK). 100 Soulstones are required to upgrade a Cookie to its maximum level.

One of the most popular methods of obtaining Soulstones is via the Gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom. If mobile gamers draw a Cookie from what they already possess, it will automatically change into 20 Soulstones of that Cookie.

Certain stages in World Exploration’s Dark Mode have a chance to drop particular Cookie Soulstones. Once players have cleared as much of World Exploration as they can, they can clear these Stages each day to farm for these Cookies’ Soulstones to eventually either unlock or promote them.

Cookie Run Kingdom Soulstone

Dark Mode in Cookie Run Kingdom

Dark Mode is a game mode in Cookie Run Kingdom that is unlocked after completing the first 10 stages of World Exploration. In Dark Mode, players can earn rewards such as Soulstones and Treasure Chests by clearing stages with a limited number of Cookies.

What are Soulstones?

Soulstones in Cookie Run Kingdom are items that players can use to upgrade their Cookies. Players can obtain Soulstones by drawing from the Gacha, completing specifically labeled Dark Mode levels, turning in PvP currency, or trading Rainbow Shells in at the Rainbow Shell Gallery.

What are Treasure Chests?

Treasure Chests in Cookie Run Kingdom are items that players can obtain by completing Dark Mode levels. They contain various rewards such as Coins, Crystals, and Soulstones.

What is the Rainbow Shell Gallery?

The Rainbow Shell Gallery in Cookie Run Kingdom is a shop where players can trade Rainbow Shells for various items such as Soulstones and Crystals. Rainbow Shells can be obtained by completing certain stages in World Exploration’s Dark Mode.

Tips to Farm Soulstones in Dark Mode

Farming Soulstones in Dark Mode in Cookie Run Kingdom can be a bit challenging, but with the right strategy, you can maximize your chances. Here are some tips to help you efficiently farm Soulstones:

  • Choose Appropriate Cookies: Select Cookies that have advantages in the Dark Mode stages. Look for Cookies with high survivability, crowd control, or damage-dealing abilities.
  • Upgrade Your Cookies: Invest in upgrading your main team of Cookies. Enhance their levels, promote their ranks, and unlock their Breakout abilities to increase their overall power.
  • Equip Powerful Treasures: Equip Treasures that complement your Cookies’ strengths and enhance their performance in Dark Mode.
  • Master Cookie Skills: Learn to time and use your Cookies’ skills effectively. Using them at the right moment can make a significant difference in challenging stages.
  • Utilize Perfect Clear: Aim for Perfect Clears in Dark Mode stages to increase your chances of obtaining more rewards, including Soulstones.
  • Complete the Daily Dark Mode Quest: Check the daily quest for Dark Mode, and complete it regularly to earn additional rewards, including Soulstones.
  • Play Event Stages: Participate in special events that feature Dark Mode stages, as they often offer extra Soulstones as rewards.
  • Join a Strong Guild: Being in a guild can provide additional benefits, such as guild bonuses, which can help you farm Soulstones more effectively.
  • Stay Persistent: Dark Mode can be challenging, but keep practicing and improving your Cookie team to progress further and obtain more Soulstones.

By following these tips and continuously improving your Cookie team’s strength and skills, you can efficiently farm Soulstones in Dark Mode in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

What are some other ways to get Soulstones in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Here are some other ways to obtain Soulstones in the Cookie Run Kingdom:

  • Monthly Subscription: Some games offer monthly subscription plans that provide players with daily rewards, which may include Soulstones among other items.
  • Special Bundles and Offers: Keep an eye on the in-game store for special bundles or offers that include Soulstones. These can sometimes be purchased with real money or in-game currency.
  • Achievements: Completing certain in-game achievements can grant you Soulstones as rewards. Check the achievement list and aim to accomplish them for extra Soulstones.
  • Login Rewards: Logging in regularly can earn you various rewards, including Soulstones on certain days or during special login events.
  • Code Redemption: Occasionally, game developers may release codes for special rewards, including Soulstones. Check official social media channels or community forums for these codes.
  • Milestones and Events: Participate in milestone events or special in-game events that offer Soulstones as rewards for reaching specific objectives.
  • Competitive Modes: Some game modes, like Arena or PvP, may offer Soulstones as rewards for achieving high rankings or completing specific challenges.
  • Friendship Gift: Sending and receiving Friendship Gifts from in-game friends can occasionally reward you with Soulstones.

Remember to check the game’s official announcements, social media pages, and community forums regularly to stay updated on any new events, promotions, or ways to earn Soulstones in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to get Soulstones from Gacha in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

Players can obtain Soulstones from the Gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom by following these steps:

  • Tap on the Gacha icon after opening Cookie Run Kingdom.
  • Draw from the Gacha.
  • If players are lucky, they will receive Soulstones.

What are Crystals used for in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

Crystals in the Cookie Run Kingdom are used to purchase various items such as Cookies and Treasures. They can be obtained by completing stages in World Exploration, participating in the PvP Arena, and through various events.

How many Cookies can I upgrade with 100 Soulstones?

The number of Cookies that can be upgraded with 100 Soulstones in Cookie Run Kingdom depends on the rarity of the Cookie. For example, upgrading a Rare Cookie requires 100 Soulstones, while upgrading an Epic Cookie requires 150 Soulstones.

How to get PvP currency in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Players can obtain PvP currency in the Cookie Run Kingdom by participating in the PvP Arena. PvP currency can be used to purchase various items such as Soulstones and Crystals.

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