How to get Gems in Dragon City?

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Gems are an important resource and in-game currency which help massively in making progress in Dragon City. You can purchase packs of Gem from the store in exchange for real currency. The Jewelem tower rewards 1 gem daily so build the tower.

You can also look into League Battles every day and collect 3-6 Gems. Apart from these, there are obviously other Goals, and quests that reward Gem. You also receive Gems once you Level up your Experience Points. You will also be rewarded with Gems in certain tournaments.

How to get Gems in Dragon City

How to get Gems in Dragon City Game?

There are several ways to get more gems in Dragon City.

  • One way is to buy gem packs with real money.
  • Another way is to fill the piggy bank by doing different tasks within the game.
  • You can also buy “Islands for sale” to get both gems and free space.
  • Leveling up and claiming rewards, reaching level 16 and unlocking “Run Of Clones” mini-game, and doing arena battles and winning gem awards are other ways to collect gems.
  • Building a dragon stadium and using your dragons to fight in it can also earn you gems.
  • The Jewelem tower rewards 1 gem daily, and going to the Dragon TV and watching advertisements can also give you gems.
  • Finally, using cheat codes is another way to get unlimited gems, coins, and food.

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How to fill the piggy bank?

To fill the piggy bank in Dragon City, you need to complete different tasks within the game. These tasks can include feeding your dragons, hatching eggs, winning battles, and more. Once you complete enough tasks, the piggy bank will be full and you can claim the gems inside.

What are Islands for sale in Dragon City?

  • To purchase a new Island in Dragon City, you need to unlock all expansions on your current Island.
  • Tap on a ‘FOR SALE’ sign in one of the expansion areas and use Gold or Gems to obtain this expansion area.
  • Expansion discounts are also available from time to time; a red ‘%’ symbol will appear in your expansion areas during this period.
  • Once you have obtained all available expansions on your current Island, a new Island will appear with the same ‘FOR SALE’ sign.
  • Tap this sign to purchase the Island with Gems.

What is Run of Clones in Dragon City?

“Run of Clones” is a mini-game in Dragon City that unlocks at level 16. In this game, you have to match the dragons with their clones. You can earn gems and other rewards by playing this game.

How to build a Dragon Stadium in Dragon City?

To build a dragon stadium in Dragon City, you need to build the Stadium which is a special building where players could bring a team of three Dragons to combat. Building the Stadium cost 25,000 and yielded 25,000 upon completion. It requires 3 friends to open.

Challenges open every 12 hours after the end of each tournament, with each tournament you win nets 2 gems, and some gold. You can choose any 3 of your dragons (minimum level 4) to fight every 12 hours. Every time you win a battle, the difficulty increases.

What is Dragon TV?

Dragon TV is a feature in the game Dragon City where you can obtain different rewards by watching videos. The rewards would change daily. Dragon TV can be unlocked after playing for about 1 month. This feature is the replacement of Freebies Island. The Freebies Island used to be called the Dragon Cinema.


Dragon City is a social network game that tasks players to raise their dragons and design a city full of dragons on floating islands. Gold produced by dragons can be used to buy and upgrade buildings and habitats. Farms can be used to grow food, which can be used to level up dragons, improve their strength depending on the dragon’s rarity, and increase gold production.

Some of the features of Dragon City include Deus the Dragon Master who guides you with the mechanics of the game, daily rewards for players who always visit the game, colorful and vibrant graphics, missions to accomplish, battles to fight, picking your own dragon and getting updates on your dragon.

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