Dark-Type Pokémon Weakness, Resistance, and Strength

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Hello, fellow Pokémon trainers! Eager to get the upper hand in those intense Pokémon Go battles? To make the most out of dark-type Pokémon such as Umbreon, you need to understand their strengths and vulnerabilities.

Let’s explore the intricate world of the dark type, dissecting their weaknesses, resistances, and strengths, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Dark-Type Pokémon Weakness

What Makes Dark Pokémon So Unique?

There are countless Pokémon types, but the allure of the dark type – with stalwarts like Obstagoon, Tyranitar, and Weavile – is undeniable. Is it their mysterious aura? Their formidable moves? Or simply the fact that they can give Ghost and Psychic Pokémon a run for their money?

Let’s dig deeper into the enigma of the dark Pokémon. But, wait! Fancy discovering the creme de la creme of dark Pokémon? Check out our guide on the best characters in Pokémon. And if the fiery blaze of Charizard or the majestic splash of Gyarados fascinates you more, we have you covered with comprehensive lists of other Pokémon types too.

Weaknesses: The Achilles’ Heel

Every Pokémon type has its Achilles’ heel, and dark types are no exception. So, what’s the dark Pokémon weakness?

Fighting Pokémon: Put simply, they don’t like to brawl. A well-trained Machamp or Lucario can prove challenging for dark types.

Bug Pokémon: Surprisingly, these tiny critters can give dark Pokémon quite a headache. Think of moves like Bug Bite or Fury Cutter.

Fairy Pokémon: And finally, the enchanting fairies. Their whimsical moves can often put a dark Pokémon in a tight spot.

However, the good news is that dark Pokémon can learn powerful attacks that often offset these vulnerabilities. For example, a dark move like Crunch or Foul Play can wreak havoc on many opponents.

Resistances: The Shield Against Foes

When we talk about the dark type weakness, it’s also vital to discuss what they excel against.

Dark Pokémon: Ironically, they tend to resist their own type.

Ghost Pokémon: Those lurking in the shadows don’t frighten them.

Psychic Pokémon: Mind tricks? Dark Pokémon are having none of that!

It’s this resistance against psychic moves that helped balance the previously overpowered psychic Pokémon from Gen 1.

Strengths: The Arsenal at Their Disposal

Dark Pokémon have a knack for haunting ghosts and playing mind games better than psychic types. Pokémon like Gengar, Gardevoir, and Jynx can have a tough time against a well-trained dark Pokémon.

Dark Pokémon in the World of Pokémon GO

Since the introduction of dark Pokémon in Gen 2, they have maintained a special place in the Pokémon universe, especially in games like Pokémon GO. And with tools like Pokemon Go Promo Codes, trainers can enhance their gameplay.

In the arena of Pokémon GO, the weaknesses and resistances remain largely the same, but the battle mechanics add a unique twist. For instance, while dark Pokémon are immune to psychic-type moves in mainline games, in Pokémon GO, they just resist them strongly.

Here’s a brief on fighting type weakness: they’re vulnerable to flying, psychic, and fairy moves. In the same vein, ghost Pokémon weakness involves dark, ghost, and bug moves. Know your Pokémon, and know your opponent even better!

Countering Dark Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Whether you’re facing a formidable Yveltal in a raid or simply trying to outsmart an opponent’s Krookodile in PvP, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of dark Pokémon is the key to victory.

A good strategy is to capitalize on their vulnerabilities. Pokémon like Conkeldurr, Lucario, and Togekiss, combined with powerful moves such as Counter, Play Rough, or Close Combat, can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Remember, with every Pokémon type, success lies in understanding the intricate web of weaknesses and resistances and employing strategies that play to your strengths while exploiting the opponent’s vulnerabilities.


The dark-type Pokémon, with their weakness and power, continue to be a favorite among many trainers. By understanding their strengths and vulnerabilities, and by equipping yourself with the right knowledge (and perhaps a few promo codes), you’re setting yourself up for success in every battle.

So trainers, as you embark on your journey to be the very best, remember the wise words of the Pokémon theme song – “It’s you and me, I know it’s my destiny!” Happy battling!

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