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4.5/5 - (145 votes), that riveting survival game we’ve all come to adore, places you right in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world teeming with zombies, rivals, and an array of items. But with so many options, how does one determine the best skills or weapons? Enter the realm of tier lists! tier list

So, What Exactly is a Tier List in

Tier lists in categorize items, skills, and more based on their utility and effectiveness within the game. These rankings give players insights into the best choices for leveling up and beating foes. There’s a myriad of them, but we’ll explore the most notable ones below.

1. Evo Skills Tier List

Ever thought of what you get when you merge Thunderbolt with Power Cell? Lightning! An S-tier evolution skill that will have your enemies quaking in their boots due to its intense damage capabilities.

2. Hero Tier List

Every hero in brings something unique to the table. Like King, for instance. A tier 1 hero, he boasts of impressive HP and ATK stats. Not to mention, his ability to summon a fierce dragon is a game-changer.

3. Weapons Tier List

The choice of weapon can make or break your game. Weapons like the Lightchaser, a top-tier beast, don’t just offer superior damage and fire rate but also chase down foes with its radiant beams. Talk about a beacon of destruction!

4. Equipment Tier List

Ever heard of the phrase “Dress for success?” In, it’s more like “Equip for survival.” Equipments like the Eternal Suit (an absolute S-tier item) doesn’t just make you look good, but also revives you with full HP once every game. Searching for best equipment? This one is a stellar pick!

5. Normal Skills Tier List

These are the skills that don’t require any mix and match. Simple yet effective. Abilities like the Forcefield and Laser Launcher can be game-changers, even without any evolution. When you’re searching for the best skills, these often pop up in the conversation.

6. Character Exclusive Skills Tier List

Character-centric skills, like Alice’s Time Stop or Leo’s Super Punch, are potent tools that give a personalized touch to your gameplay. These aren’t just skills; they’re an extension of the character’s persona! Weapon Tier List

WeaponTier5-Star TransformationStrengthRange
Void Power0Releases Black HolesIncreases ATK, Massive DMGRanged
The Lightchaser1Eternal LightUnstoppable blade of lightMelee
Kunai1Spirit ShurikenDMG, Auto-AimRanged
Baseball Bat1LucilleKnock back enemiesMelee
Katana2Demon BladeSlash enemies with bladeMelee
Shotgun3GatlingTurn shotgun into machine gunShort-Mid
Revolver3NoneDecent DMG, but bad aimShort Hero Tier List

CharacterTypePassive SkillEffect
KingPremiumSurvivor Instinct/Sixth Sense+8% Crit Rate for each level / +Crit Rate, CRIT DMG, and HP
KingPremiumLucky KillRe-calculates Critical hit if fails / +ATK
CommonFreePointless+3% all skill DMG
WormPremiumListening BugIncreases enemy DMG taken
TsukiyomiPremiumMoonshade SlashHits enemies in front with light slash
CatnipPremiumMedi-DroneRestores HP in healing zone Equipment Tier List

ChestplateSEternal Suit, Full Metal Suit, Voidwalker Windbreaker
ChestplateBArmy Uniform, Traveller’s Jacket, Protective Suit
BeltSEternal Belt, Stylish Belt
BeltAVoidwalker Sash
BeltBBroad Waistguard, Waist Sensor, Army Belt
BeltCLeather Belt
NecklaceSEternal Necklace
NecklaceATrendy Charm, Metal Neckguard, Voidwaker Emblem
NecklaceBBone Pendant, Army Nameplate
NecklaceCEmerald Pendant
GlovesSEternal Gloves, Leather Gloves
GlovesAFingerless Gloves, Army Gloves, Voidwaker Handguards
GlovesBShiny Wristguard
GlovesCProtective Gloves
BootsSEternal Boots, Voidwalker Treads
BootsALight Runners, Army Boots
BootsBProsthetic Legs, High Boots
BootsCLayered Snowshoes Best EVO Skills Tier List

WeaponTier5-Star Transformation
Destroyer0Type-B-Drone + Type-A-Drone
Divine Destroyer0Medi-Drone + Destroyer
Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell/Lightning0Lightning Emitter + Energy Cube
Quantum Ball0Soccer Ball + Sports Shoes
Inferno Bomb1Modular Mine + Maltov
Fuel Barrel1Molotov + Oil Bond
Defender1Guardian + EX-Bracer
Whistling Arrow0 to 1Drill Shot + Ammo Thruster
Dumbell/1 Ton Iron1Brick + Fitness Guide
Sharkmaw Gun2RPG + HE Fuel
Thunderbolt Bomb2Modular Mine + Lightning Emitter
Death Ray/Matrix2Laser Launcher + Energy Cube
Caltrops2Durian + HE Fuel
Magnetic Rebounder2Boomerang + Hi-Power Magnet
Moonhalo Slash3None
Pressure Forcefield3Forcefield Device + Energy Drink Best Normal Skills Tier List

Drill Shot2
Soccer Ball2
Lightning Emitter3
Type A Drone3
Type B Drone3
Laser Launcher3
Boomerang4 Character Exclusive Skills Tier List

Survivor Instinct/Sixth Sense1/3+8% Crit Rate for each level / +Crit Rate, CRIT DMG, and HP
Lucky Kill6Re-calculates Critical hit if fails / +ATK
Pointless1Hits enemies in front with a light slash
Listening Bug1Increases enemy DMG taken
Moonshade Slash1Restores HP in the healing zone
Medi-Drone1Restores HP in healing zone

Leveling Up in The Path to Glory

To climb the ranks in, you’ve got a few strategies. Regular gameplay, especially in higher-difficulty scenarios, rewards you with gems, gold, and the much-needed energy essence. Quest completions, daily logins, and even watching a few ads can give you those extra rewards to level up. And remember, the more you play, the more chances you have at grabbing the best weapons and skills.

How to Arm Yourself with the Best Skills in

Two words: Level Up. As you advance in levels, you’re presented with a choice of three random skills. Make your pick wisely. And of course, keep an eye out for those chests dotted across the map; they’re treasure troves of skills. Now, if you’re looking for tips on survivor io skills, many players advocate for checking tier lists. You might find our Guide particularly useful in helping you make these critical choices. It gives you an edge in selecting the most effective skills, especially when you come across choices that include the top best skills.

The Quest for Superior Arms and Armor in

For the best equipment and weapons, be proactive! Open chests, explore the daily shop, complete chapters, and never forget the patrol feature. Playing daily and strategically upgrading or merging weapons can also lead you to the top-tier arsenal. Curious about the Survivor io pet tier list? Keep a lookout as pets can also be game-changers.


In conclusion, is not just about survival but mastering the nuances of the game. Whether it’s picking the best skills or knowing when to upgrade, the choices you make can dictate your gaming journey. Remember, knowledge is power, and in the world of, it’s the power to survive and conquer! So, are you ready to dive in and claim your crown?

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