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You might need a guide for if you’re new to the game or if you’re having trouble surviving. A guide can help you understand the game mechanics and give you tips on how to survive longer. It can also help you learn about the different weapons, skills, and items in the game. If you’re having trouble with the game, a guide can be a great resource to help you improve your gameplay. guide Guide – Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

Here are some tips for

  • Equip the best weapon, stock up on the best skills and supplies, and raise the stats by upgrading gears such as armor, boots, ring, gloves, necklace, and belt: This is important because it will help you survive longer in the game. You can upgrade your gears by using coins and gems.
  • Use high-damage skills instead of melee weapons: High-damage skills are more effective than melee weapons because they can take out enemies faster. You can use skills such as fireball or lightning to deal more damage.
  • Avoid getting too close to zombies: Zombies can deal a lot of damage if you get too close to them. It’s best to keep your distance and use ranged attacks.
  • Collect as many chests as possible: Chests contain items that can help you survive longer in the game. You can find chests scattered throughout the map.
  • Choose your skills wisely: You should choose skills that complement your playstyle. For example, if you prefer ranged attacks, you should choose skills that enhance your ranged attacks.
  • Keep moving and avoid enemy hordes: Moving around will make it harder for enemies to hit you. You should also avoid enemy hordes because they can deal a lot of damage.
  • Play on PC with BlueStacks for a better gameplay experience: Playing on PC will give you better controls and a larger screen which will make it easier to see enemies and items.
  • Plan around items and their evolutions when putting together your build: Some items can be evolved and enhanced even further when they reach max level but only if you have the correct ingredients on hand.
  • Always try to use better quality instruments like legendary tier belts, vests, gloves, etc.: Better quality instruments will give you better stats which will help you survive longer in the game.
  • Complete daily missions for points and unlock chest rewards containing great rewards such as gems, gold, and chest keys: Daily missions are a great way to earn points which can be used to unlock chest rewards containing great rewards such as gems, gold, and chest keys Events has special events that occur for a limited time and modify loot chances, introduce new weapons, and more. While most events are Squad only, some are different such as Egg-stravaganza, Happy Spookiversary, and seasonal events. Several updates have the same event name as shown by’s social channels.

As for tips to pass the events, you can make use of the energy system to your advantage. You should also keep an eye on the codes that you can redeem for freebies such as gems, coins, army keys, design packs, and much more. You can find active codes on websites such as MrGuider. Weapons has a wide variety of weapons ranging from pistols to LMGs which can be obtained nearly anywhere on the map. Some weapons can only be obtained in certain events. The Void Power is currently the best weapon in The other two best weapons are The Lightchaser and the Kunai.

The weapons in are available in multiple grades; normal, good, better, or excellent. Players can further boost the DMG output of these weapons by making upgrades through leveling or merging.

There are different ways to get weapons in

The quickest way is through Shop Chests. There are different chests like the Army Crate, EDF Supplies, and the Large Depot. Opening these chests costs gems but if you play the game often, you’ll have no problem getting them. The Daily Shop is updated daily and is another section of the shop where you can get new equipment including weapons.

To use a weapon in, you need to pick it up first. You can pick up weapons by walking over them. Once you have picked up a weapon, you can switch between your weapons by pressing the number keys 1-5 on your keyboard. Battles Battle is a multiplayer online game where players fight against each other to be the last one standing. Players can collect weapons, materials, and other items to help them survive. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must scavenge for resources and fight off other players to survive.

Here are some tips for battles in

  • Use Cover: Use the environment to your advantage. Hide behind trees, rocks, or other objects to avoid getting hit.
  • Keep Moving: Don’t stay in one place for too long. Move around to avoid getting hit.
  • Use your Weapons wisely: Use your weapons when you need them. Don’t waste ammo on enemies that are too far away.
  • Aim for the Head: Headshots do more damage than body shots.
  • Stay Alert: Keep an eye out for enemies. Listen for footsteps and gunshots. Friends Friends is a feature that allows you to play with your friends. You can create a room and invite your friends to join. You can also join a room that your friend has created. This feature is available in both co-op mode and battle mode.

How to play with friends on

To play with friends on, you can use the co-op mode. Here are the steps to initiate co-op mode:

  • Launch on devices.
  • On one device, select the co-op mode option.
  • On the other device, select the join option.
  • The game should search for available rooms or ask for the code.
  • If the game does not automatically detect the room, enter the room code provided by the hosting player.

Alternatively, you can access local co-op mode by going to the “Trials” section. This will bring up a list of available rooms, and you can join any of them. You can also create your own room and invite your friend to join.

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