King of Avalon Upgrade Costs

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Upgrading King of Avalon is important because it allows you to improve your stronghold and unlock more features. By upgrading your buildings, you can improve the quality of the items you produce and reduce the production speed. Researching is also important because it can improve resource production, and increase the stats of your soldiers and traps and city defences.

King of Avalon is a management and strategy game where you reign over a little kingdom that’s growing little by little until it becomes a real empire. You’ll need to manage all your resources really well to help your kingdom prosper. Thanks to alliances with other players, you can also make friends and unite forces against stronger opponents. You can download the game for free on PC or on Google Play.

You can download King of Avalon for free on PC or on Google Play. Once you have downloaded the game, you can log in to your account and start playing. Here is a beginner’s guide that can help you get started with the game. If you want to play King of Avalon on your PC or Mac, you can use an emulator like BlueStack.

King of Avalon Upgrade Costs

What are the system requirements for King of Avalon?

The system requirements for King of Avalon are as follows:

  • Android 4.0.3 and up
  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Windows 7 or later.

Tips for playing King of Avalon

  • Join an alliance as soon as possible. This will help you get resources and protection from other players.
  • Upgrade your buildings and troops regularly.
  • Participate in events to get rewards.
  • Use your resources wisely.
  • Don’t forget to train your dragon.

King of Avalon Upgrade Costs & Requirements

Stronghold LevelPrestigeFoodWoodWall LevelResource Levels
7540700407006Dragon Lair-6
971630001630008Military Tent-8
Stronghold LevelPrestigeFoodWoodIronSilverWall LevelResource Levels
12141140000114000011Siege Workshop-11
15354380000438000029200014Trap Factory-14
16476020000585000050200015Silver Mine-15
17778000067700007900002820016Iron Mine-16
1810100000761000012180007650017Dragon Lair-17
Stronghold LevelFoodWoodIronSilverWall LevelResource Levels
2920695000041400000248000001240000028Siege workshop-28
Stronghold LevelFoodWoodIronSilverWall LevelResource Levels
3137700000075000000452000002260000030University-30, Noble badges 1000
3237700000094800000452000002260000031Barracks-31, Noble Badges 1000
33377000000114300000452000002260000032Stables-32, Noble Badges 1000
34377000000133800000452000002260000033Storehouse-33, Noble Badges 1000
35377000000153300000452000002261000034University-34,1000 Noble Badges
36395250000160680000474600002373000035Hall of War-35,1000 Noble Badges
37415650000169020000498500002492000036Embassy-36,1000 Noble Badges
38436450000177450000523300002615000037Storehouse-37,1000 Noble Badges
39458250000186340000549400002746000038Barracks-38,1000 Noble Badges
40481160000195640000576900002885000039University-39,1000 Noble Badges
Stronghold LevelFoodWoodIronSilverWall LevelResource Levels
41505200000205340000605100003029000040Hall of War-40, 1000 Noble Badges, 500 Royal Badge
42530400000215700000636000003180000041Range-41, 1000 Noble Badges
43557000000226400000667000003330000042Stables-42, 1000 Noble Badges, 1100 Royal Badge
44584800000237800000701100003500000043Barracks-43, 1000 Noble Badges, 1400 Royal Badge
45614000000249700000736000003680000044University-44, 1000 Noble Badges, 1600 Royal Badge
46644710000262100000773000003861000045Hall of War-45,500 Celestial Badge,500 Royal Badge
47676900000275000000810000004099000046Range-46,750 Celestial Badge,500 Royal Badge
48711000000289000000850000004300000047Stables-47,1000 Celestial Badge,500 Royal Badge
49745000000304000000900000004499000048Barracks-48,1250 Celestial Badge,500 Royal Badge
50784000000319100000940000004697000049University-49,1500 Celestial Badge,500 Royal Badge

FAQs About King of Avalon

How to Upgrade Stronghold in King of Avalon?

To upgrade your stronghold in King of Avalon, you need to gather resources and then use them to upgrade your stronghold. You can increase your stronghold level by upgrading it. You can also focus on resource gathering, VIP 8, march slots, level 7 resource tiles, farm account, food push, iron and silver.

How to gather Resources in King of Avalon?

To gather resources in King of Avalon, you can join barbarian rallies and monster slaying. You can also occupy resource tiles and send troops to gather resources.

The amount of resources your troops can carry is dictated by the number and type of troops in the march. You can also increase the production of a given building using buff scrolls for 24 hours.

Other ways to gather resources in King of Avalon include building farms and mines. You can also increase your VIP level to get more resources.

What are the other buildings that you can upgrade in King of Avalon?

There are several buildings that you can build and upgrade in King of Avalon. These include the Stronghold, University, Storehouse, Wishing Well and Trading Post. You can also build resource buildings such as farms and mines.

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