How to get to the Jade Chamber in Genshin Impact?

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The Jade Chamber is an airborne structure above the skies of Liyue from which the Qixing monitored all the happenings in the region. It is also a location in Genshin Impact. The Jade Chamber was destroyed in the game’s storyline.

The Jade Chamber Intel Wall is a wall of business intelligence located in the Jade Chamber. It is densely packed with pages of information pulled from countless sources.

How to get to the Jade Chamber in Genshin Impact

How to get to the Jade Chamber in Genshin Impact?

To get back to the Jade Chamber in Genshin Impact, you need to complete the Ganyu Story Quest and Fishing For Jade World Quest. After completing the Fishing for Jade quest, talk to Kun again to unlock the Return of the Jade Chamber. world quest.

You must get Triple-layered Consomme for Qingzhou in Genshin impact to complete the Return of the Jade Chamber quest. In order to get Triple-layered Consomme for Qingzhou in Genshin Impact, you simply need to teleport to Sea of Clouds, Liyue. You then need to speak to Chef Mao at the Wanmin Restaurant where you can then buy the recipe.

Why do you need Jade Chamber in Genshin Impact?

The Jade Chamber holds a tremendous amount of energy within it and is extremely heavy. According to Ningguang in Auction Games, it was able to defeat Osial due to the combined effects of its great weight hitting him with incredible force, while the energy within it triggered the spectacular explosion. The Jade Chamber is able to float due to a large chunk of Sunset Vermillionite inside of it.

Sunset Vermillionite is a type of large Plaustrite, and the unique floating properties of Plaustrite give the chamber its airborne status. The control compartment of the Jade Chamber is responsible for allowing aerial movement the chamber. By combining Adepti Sigils and Wonder Cores and inserting them into the control compartment, the Jade Chamber can be controlled.

FAQs About Genshin Impact

What is Ganyu Story Quest?

Ganyu Story Quest is a quest in Genshin Impact. The first act of Ganyu’s Story Quest is called “Sea of Clouds, Sea of People” which requires a Story Key, must have completed Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches, and reached Adventure Rank 40.

What are Story Keys?

Story Keys are quest unlock items that players Adventure Rank 26 or higher can use to unlock Story Quests and Hangout Events. Players can claim one Story Key every 8 Commissions completed (i.e. 2 days of 4 Commissions).

What is Adventure Rank?

Adventure Rank (AR) is a player account progression system in Genshin Impact that is raised through Adventure EXP. Upon reaching certain Adventure Ranks, players will be able to ascend their world to the next World Level, either automatically or by completing an Ascension Quest.

What is Adventure EXP?

Adventure EXP is used to raise a player’s Adventure Rank. After Adventure Rank 60 is reached, each additional point of Adventure EXP gained is instead converted to Mora at a 1:10 ratio. Most Archon, Story, and World Quests give Adventure EXP.

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