How to get Free Skins in Valorant?

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Skins are cosmetic items that change the appearance of weapons and characters in Valorant. They do not affect gameplay but can be used to show off your style and personality. Some players like to collect skins as a hobby or to show off their collection to other players. Others may want to use skins to make their weapons look more unique or to stand out in the game.

How to get Free Skins in Valorant

How to get Free Skins in Valorant?

There are several ways to get free skins in Valorant. You can complete battle phases and in-game challenges or through sporadic events. Every Valorant Agent has its own contract, which you can level up to Tier 10 by earning XP. Once you reach Tier 10, you always get some kind of weapon skin, although it is never skin for a weapon other than a pistol.

You can also go to the weapon collection in the store and search for weapons labeled as Specific Agent. These are the free skins you can unlock by finishing that Agent’s Contract. For example, you can unlock the Viper Skin in Valorant by finishing the Viper Contract.

What is the price range of skins in Valorant?

The prices of Valorant skins vary depending on their tier and bundle. The tiers of the skins and prices are as follows:

  • Select: 875 VP per gun skin, 1750 VP per knife
  • Deluxe: 1275 VP per gun skin, 2550 VP per knife
  • Premium: 1775 VP per gun skin, 3550 VP per knife
  • Exclusive: 2175 VP per gun skin, 4350 VP per knife
  • Ultra: 2475 VP per gun skin, 4950 VP per knife

FAQs About Valorant Free Skins

What are some popular skins in Valorant?

There are many popular skins in Valorant. Some of the most popular skins are the Vandal skins. The Reaver series of skins is also one of the most popular in Valorant. The Reaver skin attracts users with its awesome reload animation and death animation. In addition, its kill effect with a sound effect satisfies the users’ desires. The Elderflame Vandal, Glitchpop Phantom, and Reaver Sheriff are among the best weapon skins ranked by IGN.

How to buy skins in Valorant?

The primary way to get skins in Valorant is to buy them through the store. This can be accessed by clicking the tab at the top of the main menu. Valorant has a rolling store which changes each day. You’ll have one main collection available, then a selection of individual skins below you can also buy. Once you have the required amount of Valorant points, you can head to the Store section and purchase whatever you want.

What is the most expensive skin in Valorant?

The most expensive of all Valorant skins is the Elderflame Operator, which is worth 2475 VP. However, the Spectrum gun skins individually cost 2675 Valorant Points, which are the most expensive gun skins in the game; significantly higher than the Elderflame Collection gun skins by 200 Valorant Points.

What is the cheapest skin in Valorant?

There is no single cheapest skin in Valorant but there are three skins that fall in the “Select” tier of skins. All Select skins cost just 875 VP each while the melee skins in the category cost 1,750 VP each. If you want to look at more expensive skins you can go for Deluxe skins that cost 1,275 VP, Premium skins that cost 1,775 VP, and other rarity skins can go as high as 2,675 VP.

What is VP in Valorant?

VALORANT Points (VP) are a form of premium currency in VALORANT that can only be obtained by purchasing with real money. They are used for purchasing cosmetics, Radianite Points and upgrading to the Premium track of Act Battle Passes.

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