Honkai Star Rail Tier List

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Honkai Star Rail Tier List is a ranking of the characters in the game based on their performance, skills, and popularity. A tier list can help players decide which Honkai Star Rail Characters to use, invest in, or pull for. Honkai Star Rail tier list can vary depending on the source, criteria, and update.

Therefore, it is advisable to check multiple sources and compare their opinions before following a tier list blindly. A tier list is not a definitive guide, but a useful reference for players who want to enjoy the game more.

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

A good tier list should consider the following factors:

  • The rarity, combat type, and path of the characters
  • The synergy and compatibility of the characters with different teams and modes
  • The current meta and balance changes of the game
  • The personal preferences and playstyle of the players

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

SSBlade Build, Silver Wolf Build, Luocha Build, Gepard Build, Seele Build, Welt Build, Bronya Build, Bailu Build
SClara Build, Natasha Build, Tingyun Build, Trailblazer Fire Build, Pela Build, Yanqing Build, Jing Yuan Build
AYukong Build, Danheng Build, March 7th Build, Sushang Build, Asta Build, Himeko Build, Hook Build
BQingque Build, Serval Build, Trailblazer Physical Build, ArlanBuild, Sampo Build
CHerta Build

What are the other tiers?

The other tiers are Tier 1.5, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4. They indicate the characters’ performance in different aspects of the game, such as single-target damage, area of effect damage, support, survivability, and so on.

  • Tier 1: These are the best characters in the game. They have high damage output, great utility, and can fit in any team composition. They are also easy to use and have good survivability. Some examples are Seele, Bronya, Gepard, and Luocha.
  • Tier 1.5: These are very good characters that excel in certain aspects of the game, such as single-target damage, area of effect damage, or support. They may have some drawbacks or limitations, such as high skill requirements, low durability, or dependency on specific teammates or equipment. Some examples are Kiana, Mei, Himeko, and Theresa.
  • Tier 2: These are good characters that can perform well in most situations, but may not be as impressive or consistent as the higher tiers. They may have some strengths and weaknesses that balance each other out, or they may be overshadowed by other characters in their role or elements. Some examples are Fu Hua, Rita, Durandal, and Rosalia.
  • Tier 3: These are decent characters that can still contribute to the team, but may have some noticeable flaws or disadvantages that limit their potential. They may have low damage output, poor utility, or require specific conditions or setups to shine. They may also be outclassed by other characters in their role or element. Some examples are Sakura, Liliya, Bianka, and Delta.
  • Tier 4: These are average characters that are not very recommended for serious players. They have low performance in most aspects of the game, such as damage output, utility, survivability, and synergy. They may also have high skill requirements, high resource costs, or low availability. They may only be useful for niche situations or personal preferences. Some examples are Yae Sakura, Kallen, Raven, and Kafka.

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