Coin Master Village Cost List

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Coin Master is a mobile game available on iOS and Android platforms. It is a free-to-play game that Moon Active develops. The game is a mix of slot machines and village-building games. The game aims to build your village and protect it from other players. You can earn coins by spinning the slot machine and raiding other players’ villages, and collecting as many Coin Master Free spins to increase the village level.

In Coin Master, a village is a place where you can build and upgrade various structures. You can earn coins by spinning the slot machine and raiding other players’ villages. You can use these coins to upgrade your village and protect it from other players.

Coin Master Village Cost List

Here is the list of the top 50 villages and their cost in the Coin Master Game.

1Lands of Vikings3.1 Million
2Ancient Egypt5.2 Million
3Snowy Alps9.5 Million
4Inca13.2 Million
5Far East17.5 Million
6Stone Age22.5 Million
7Sunny Hawaii27.5 Million
8Troy32.5 Million
9Africa37.5 Million
10Atlantis42.5 Million
11Future47.5 Million
12Woodstock52.5 Million
13Arabian Nights57.5 Million
14Moon Landing62.5 Million
15Wild West67.5 Million
16Netherworld72.5 Million
17Jurassic Era77.5 Million
18Apocalypse82.5 Million
19Candy Land87.5 Million
20Army Camp92.5 Million
21Australia97.5 Million
22Columbus102.5 Million
23Dragon Lair107.5 Million
24Robin Hood112.5 Million
25Arabian Nights 2117.5 Million
26Wizard of Oz122.5 Million
27Area 51127.5 Million
28Jungle132.5 Million
29Wonderland137.5 Million
30Miners142.5 Million
31The Arctic147.5 Million
32The Future 2152.5 Million
33The 50s157.5 Million
34The 60s162.5 Million
35The 70s167.5 Million
36The 80s172.5 Million
37The 90s177.5 Million
38The 00s182.5 Million
39The Future 3187.5 Million
40The Future 4192.5 Million
41The Future 5197.5 Million
42The Future 6202.5 Million
43The Future 7207.5 Million
44The Future 8212.5 Million
45The Future 9217.5 Million
46The Future 10222.5 Million
47The Future 11227.5 Million
48The Future 12232.5 Million
49The Future 13237.5 Million
50Apocalypse City Survival2.255 Billion

How many coin master villages are there?

As of now, there are around 452 villages in Coin Master.

What is the most expensive village in Coin Master?

The most expensive village in Coin Master is Apocalypse City Survival which costs 2.255 Billion coins to build. The cost of building villages in Coin Master starts from 3.1 Million coins for the first village and increases as you progress to higher levels.

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