Cooking Madness Boosters Explained

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Boosters in Cooking Madness are game props with various special functions that can help players pass the level smoothly and achieve better results. Boosters can be unlocked at different levels by going to the shop to unlock boosters, buying with diamonds, or completing levels. The first booster is obtained after completing levels 13-1 and then other boosters can be unlocked after completing required levels.

Cooking Madness Boosters Explained

Here are some of the boosters that can be used before each level:

  • Double Profit: Activate this booster to double your earnings for one level! Note: Only coins earned after activating this booster will be doubled.
  • Super Cooker: No more overcooked food for one level!
  • Instant Cooker: Who wants to wait? Insta-cook your food for one level!
  • Second Chance: Failed a level? Use this booster to try again!
  • More Customers: Get more customers for one level!
  • Helping Hand: Need some help? Use this booster to get some extra tips!

Type of Boosters in Cooking Madness

Here is a list of boosters available in Cooking Madness:

  • More customers booster
  • Second chance booster
  • Double profit booster
  • Instant cook booster
  • More time limit booster
  • Super cooker booster
  • Pudding booster

Tips to play Cooking Madness

When you start playing Cooking Madness, you will first undergo a short tutorial. It will just tell you how to do things in this game—like cooking and serving food. To cook, you just click the steak, wait for a short while, and then put it on the plate. You must take it out of the griller after it’s done to avoid burning it.

Here are some tips that can help you become a master chef:

  • Organize Your Mind: In Cooking Madness, you can get pretty overwhelmed when you see that you’ve got 5 customers in line, ordering and waiting for their food. You need to organize stuff: firstly, tap on the dish that needs preparing because there’s a certain amount of time that it needs to be cooked.
  • Upgrade Your Kitchen: Upgrade your kitchen as soon as possible so that you can cook more dishes at once.
  • Use Boosters: Boosters can help you pass levels smoothly and achieve better results.
  • Keep Your Customers Happy: Keep your customers happy by serving them quickly and accurately.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you play Cooking Madness, the better you will become.

FAQs About Cooking Madness Boosters

How to Unlock Boosters in Cooking Madness?

Boosters in Cooking Madness can be unlocked at different levels. You can go to the shop to unlock boosters or buy them with diamonds. However, the number of boosters available for each level is limited.

The first booster is obtained after completing level 13-1 and then other boosters can be unlocked after completing the required levels.

How to Earn Coins in Cooking Madness?

You can earn coins in Cooking Madness by completing levels and serving customers. The more customers you serve and the faster you serve them, the more coins you will earn.

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