Citampi Stories Guide: Characters, Location & Marriage Guide

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Citampi Stories is not just about paying off debts and finding jobs. You can also dive into Citampi Stories crafting recipes. Crafting allows players to create new items, enhance equipment, and customize their gameplay experience. Let’s explore some crafting tips as well as how to find all the key characters in Citampi.

Citampi Stories Guide

Crafting Your Way to Success

  • Finding Recipes: You can discover crafting recipes from NPCs, books, and shops around the city. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems!
  • Ingredients Gathering: Collect necessary ingredients from various sources, such as trash bins, shops, or quests rewards.
  • Crafting Process: Access the crafting menu from your in-game smartphone, choose a recipe, and use the required items to craft. Experimenting with different recipes can lead to unique outcomes, enhancing your gameplay.

Citampi Stories All Characters Location Guide

Knowing the Citampi Stories all Characters & Locations can significantly boost your progress in the game. From pursuing quests to building relationships, here’s how to keep track of everyone:

  • Using the Map: Your in-game smartphone’s map app will show the locations of all non-player characters. Check it frequently to find NPCs.
  • Special Events: Some characters may appear in different locations during special events or at specific times. Keep an eye on the calendar for clues.
  • Build Friendships: As you increase your relationship with NPCs, you’ll unlock more information about their locations, habits, and preferences.

Citampi Stories Marriage and Family Life

In Citampi Stories, relationships go beyond friendship. Here’s how you can take the next step and explore Citampi Stories Marriage:

Finding the Right Partner

  • Building Relationship: Interact, chat, and gift to increase your relationship gauge with potential partners.
  • Marriage Proposal: Once you’ve reached a certain relationship level with a character, a marriage proposal option may appear.
  • Wedding and Family Life: Post-marriage, enjoy new gameplay aspects such as family life, children, and possibly moving into that big mansion you’ve had your eye on!


Citampi Stories offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience with its unique blend of life simulation, relationship-building, and crafting. With these tips, tricks, and strategies, players can explore every nook and cranny of Citampi, engage with all characters, and even find love and marriage.

Whether it’s managing finances, crafting unique items, building friendships, or starting a family, Citampi Stories provides endless opportunities for players to write their own stories in the city of dreams. So grab your smartphone, check the calendar, and immerse yourself in the world of Citampi!

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