Top War: Battle Game – How to Change Servers

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Top War: Battle Game is a casual strategy game of army confrontation developed by Topwar Studio. In this game, you are a military commander and your task is to command your army to victory. You can unlock multiple battleships to gain more power and get a greater chance of victory.

The game features merge-to-upgrade gameplay, which means that you can merge two identical squads to improve their overall performance and effectiveness in battle. You can also recruit legendary heroes to lead the stationed land, navy and airforce troops to victory. The game is available on Google Play Store and can be played on PC using the BlueStacks app player.

Top War Battle Game - How to Change Servers

Tips for playing Top War: Battle Game

  • Place as many buildings around your island to further fuel your merging activities.
  • Clear as many occupied spaces as you can acquire more land and the troops that are available for more merges.
  • Keep a close eye on your inventory.
  • Link up with an active alliance ASAP!
  • Fulfil these duties during every daily playthrough.

How to Change Servers in Top War: Battle Game?

You can change the server via the Server Transfer Application feature accessed via World Map. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the Location icon [Found left side of game screen].
  • Click on the Globe icon [Found bottom right side of game screen].
  • Search for Warzone/Server that you want to join.
  • Click on the Go.
  • Select Server Transfer –> Apply to Transfer.
  • Use Tickets and finalize the Transfer process.

Benefits of changing server in Top War: Battle Game

  • Top War: Battle Game server change allows you to play with a new community of players and commanders without fully resetting the game, making the game feel fresh and fun.
  • You can transfer a single character between Top War warzones (servers), enabling you to play with a new community of commanders or friends on other servers without having to start over at level one.
  • It would be beneficial if you could transfer all your accounts to the same server right off the bat and delete the low-leveled duplicates.

FAQs About Top War: Battle Game

What happens to my character after transferring the server in Top War: Battle Game?

After the transfer, the game will restart, and your base will appear in a random location in the target server when you enter the game again. All the points and rankings of all activities will be reset.

What are the system requirements for Top War: Battle Game?

Android 4.4 or later
iOS 9.0 or later

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