Roblox DOORS: What’s Behind Each Door? Find Out Here!

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Have you ever wondered what awaits beyond a door, especially if it leads to the unknown? 🚪 Roblox has seen a fair share of horror games, but the new sensation, Roblox Doors, is about to take your thrill to the next level.

Let’s dive deep into the dark hallways of this game, deciphering its monsters and its chilling gameplay. Ready to step through the door?

Roblox Doors

A Brief Introduction

Roblox is no stranger to the world of horror games. There are numerous titles that will give you sleepless nights, but Roblox Doors promises something different – a spine-tingling experience with unexpected twists and turns, just waiting to be discovered. The game sets you inside a hotel that’s far from welcoming.

The corridors and rooms are laden with monsters, each more terrifying than the last. But fear not! Our Roblox Doors guide is here to help you navigate this haunted hotel and make it out alive.

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Opening the Doors of Knowledge

All Roblox Doors Monsters

Getting to know the monsters is half the battle. As you ponder on how to open doors in Roblox Doors, you must also be aware of the threats lurking behind them. Below is a quick rundown of the monsters you might stumble upon:

RushSee flickering lights? Hide! Preferably in a cupboard or vent.
AmbushHide, hide, and hide again. You might have to do it six times!
HideStay in hiding for too long and this monster will evict you.
HaltFlickering lights but no Rush or Ambush? Beware of Halt in the next room.
EyesAvoid making direct eye contact with this monster.
ScreechHear a faint “pssst”? Time to face Screech and scare it off.
Jack & TimothyRare and more startling than dangerous.
GlitchFound in multiplayer. Don’t stray too far from your team.
SeekFollow blue sparkles, crouch when needed. Good luck!
FigureThe monster in rooms 50 and 100. A tough one to evade.

For those who are wondering how to make a door in Roblox, it’s crucial to first understand the dynamics of the game. Roblox Doors may not provide a direct tutorial for door creation, but by immersing yourself in its environment, you can garner inspiration and technical know-how for your own game designs.

The 100-Door Challenge

There are exactly 100 doors in Roblox Doors, a milestone achievement for any player brave enough to venture through. And if you think the journey ends at the 100th door, think again!

There’s a teaser that hints at more to come. With the game’s rising popularity, it wouldn’t be a surprise if LSPLASH introduces more doors and challenges in future updates. Enhance your Roblox gameplay by incorporating dynamic movements. Discover the various Roblox Animation Commands to elevate your in-game experiences.

Room 50 – The Ultimate Test

As you approach the halfway mark, Room 50 poses a significant challenge. Guarded by the monster Figure, this room introduces a lock puzzle to confound players. How do you unlock the door and proceed? The key lies in the library’s books.

As you search for the books, be wary of Figure; it may be blind, but it has an acute sense of hearing. The more books you read, the faster the Figure moves. Coupled with Quick Time Events and a need to avoid detection, Room 50 truly tests your mettle.


Roblox Doors is not just another horror game. It’s an experience, a chilling journey through a haunted hotel filled with menacing monsters. With our guide, you’re well-equipped to face these challenges head-on. Happy gaming, and may your journey through the hotel be thrilling! 🎮

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