How to Redeem Codes in NBA 2K Mobile?

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NBA 2K Mobile codes can be used to get free player cards or energy recharges. They can be redeemed by selecting the ‘Redeem’ option under the store button and typing in the code. Some codes are time-sensitive and expire after a while. You can find the latest codes from the official Twitter or Facebook of 2K. The rewards from these codes range from free player cards to Energy Recharges to equipment for the MyPlayer portion of the game.

The game offers various game modes, including 5v5 basketball matchups, 3v3 basketball drills, and 7-game championship tournaments. You can become the King of the Court and compete with millions of basketball players in these game modes. You can also use codes to get free player cards or energy recharges.

How to Redeem Codes in NBA 2K Mobile

Game Modes of NBA 2K Mobile

NBA 2K Mobile has several game modes that you can play:

  • 5-on-5 matchups with console-quality graphics for an authentic ‘on the court’ NBA live basketball experience.
  • Nike, Jordan, and Adidas basketball gear to flex your B-ball player with NBA 2K MyPLAYER in CREWS mode.
  • Shoot hoops in 3 on 3 freestyle basketball in CREWS mode.
  • Tourneys (7-game championship mode).
  • Real-time NBA PvP multiplayer with millions of 2K basketball players to compete against.

NBA 2K Mobile Active Codes [WORKING]

THEDREAMHakeem Olajuwon Card
ICETRAE11Trae Young Card
BIGTICKETKevin Garnett card

NBA 2K Mobile Active Codes [EXPIRED]

LARRYLEGENDLarry Bird card
BIGTICKETKevin Garnett card
JIMMYBUCKETSJimmy Butler card
VINSANITYAmethyst Vince Carter
PDMORANTJa Morant card
ICETRAE11Trae Young card
ADFIRSTCHIPOnyx Anthony Davis
LUKAMAGICLuka Dončić card
BACK2BACKMVPNikola Jokić card
EMERALDKLAYKlay Thompson card
CP3PHOENIXChris Paul card
DMWILKINSDominique Wilkins card
NBAISBACKAnthony Davis card

Validity of NBA 2K Mobile Codes

NBA 2K Mobile codes last only for two weeks. You have to use them within this limited time. Otherwise, you will lose the chance to add exclusive items to the store.

How to Redeem Codes in NBA 2K Mobile?

  • To redeem codes in NBA 2K Mobile, you will need to go to the main menu of the game.
  • You should see the “Redeem” button listed on the side. If you don’t see it, that means there are no current codes available for the game. If you do see it, tap on it to open the code redemption window.
  • Then copy one of the active codes from a list of active codes and paste it into the code redemption box.
  • Finally, hit the return button to receive your reward.

How to get more codes?

  • You can get rewards in NBA 2K Mobile by redeeming codes, completing daily objectives, participating in events, and playing games.
  • Log in daily because they regularly release a range of free codes that you can use to redeem rewards daily.
  • You can also check out the official NBA 2K Mobile website for more information.
  • Follow the official NBA 2K Mobile social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to Improve Gameplay Experience in NBA 2K Mobile?

Here are some tips to improve your gameplay experience in NBA 2K Mobile:

  • Learn the basics of NBA 2K Mobile.
  • Have some knowledge of the real NBA.
  • Play fast vs. play slow.
  • Hold for the last shot if you’ve got less than 24 seconds in the first half.
  • Play it safe and don’t throw too many risky passes!
  • Be careful when attempting steals against better teams.
  • Complete daily objectives.
  • Participate in events.
  • Follow the official NBA 2K Mobile social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for free codes that you can use to redeem rewards.

How to get better at NBA 2K Mobile Game Modes?

Here are some tips to get better at the game modes of NBA 2K Mobile:

  • Make sure you log in every day for rewards.
  • Complete the daily checklist.
  • Go to the store to open your free packs.
  • Take part in the limited-time events.
  • Learn how the drills work.
  • Don’t use coins to replenish your energy either.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged (or plugged in) while playing.

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