Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan Build Guide

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Jing Yuan, the character you’ve probably seen prominently featured on the ‘Swirl of Heavenly Spear‘ Banner, is an impressive 5-Star Lightning character from the Erudition path. He entered the Honkai: Star Rail universe during Phase 2 of the 1.0 launch Banners.

Did you miss him the first time around? Don’t worry! He’s likely to return when the Banner schedule cycles back.

This guide delves deep into the Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan best build, Ascension materials, Traces, the best team for him, and of course, Light Cones. Keep reading for a complete understanding that’s aimed to set you up for success in the Honkai Star Rail Tier List.

honkai star rail jing yuan build

Who is Jing Yuan?

Jing Yuan is a 5-Star Lightning character hailing from The Erudition path. Known for his prowess in dealing multi-target damage, he’s a go-to for anyone looking to break down enemies weak to Lightning.

Jing Yuan’s Abilities and Stats

So, what makes Jing Yuan a star among the All Honkai Star Rail Characters? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Element: Lightning
  • Path: The Erudition
  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Banner: Swirl of Heavenly Spear
  • Normal Attack: Glistening Light
  • Skill: Rifting Zenith
  • Ultimate: Lightbringer
  • Talent: Prana Extirpated
  • Technique: Command Talisman
  • Bonus Traces: Battalia Crush, Man With a Plan, War Marshall

Alright, that’s a lot to take in. Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

Normal Attack: Glistening Light

This attack deals Lightning damage equal to 50% of Jing Yuan’s attack stat to a single enemy. Not too shabby!

Skill: Rifting Zenith

This beauty of a skill deals Lightning damage equal to 50% of Jing Yuan’s attack stat to all enemies. Plus, it gives Lightning-Lord an extra two attacks for the next turn. Sweet, right?

Ultimate: Lightbringer

Unleash this, and you’re dealing Lightning damage equal to a whopping 120% of Jing Yuan’s attack stat to all enemies. Oh, and Lightning-Lord gets three more attacks for the next turn.

Talent: Prana Extirpated

Lightning-Lord starts the battle with you and gets a base speed of 60 and three base Hits Per Action. When it takes action, its hits serve as follow-up attacks, making this talent incredibly versatile.

Technique: Command Talisman

This overworld ability gives Lightning-Lord an extra two attacks in the first turn of the next battle. Talk about an early advantage!

Bonus Traces

  • Battalia Crush: Boosts Crit damage by 25% for the next turn when Lightning-Lord’s attack count is 6 or greater.
  • Man With a Plan: Start the battle with an immediate energy boost of 15.
  • War Marshall: Increases Crit Rate by 10% for 2 turns after using Skill.

Ascension Materials for Jing Yuan

Time to talk about leveling up! To fully tap into Jing Yuan’s potential, you’ll need to gather specific Ascension materials like Immortal Scionette and Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff.

Jing Yuan Ascension levelAscension MaterialsCredit CostReward
Level 20x5 Immortal Scionette4,000x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 30x10 Immortal Scionette8,000None
Level 40x3 Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff, x6 Immortal Aeroblossom16,000x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 50x7 Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff, x9 Immortal Aeroblossom40,000None
Level 60x20 Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff, x6 Immortal Lumintwig80,000x1 regular Star Pass
Level 70x35 Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff, x9 Immortal Lumintwig160,000None

Trace Materials for Jing Yuan

Just like Ascension, you’ll also need Trace materials to upgrade Jing Yuan’s abilities.

Total Trace Materials Needed:

  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 Destroyer’s Final Road
  • x18 Key of Inspiration
  • x41 Immortal Scionette
  • x56 Immortal Aeroblossom
  • x58 Immortal Lumintwig
  • x69 Key of Knowledge
  • x139 Key of Wisdom
  • 3 million Credits

Jing Yuan Eidolons

By getting duplicates of Jing Yuan, you’ll earn Eidolon levels. Each Eidolon upgrade improves an existing attack or passive ability.

  • Slash, Seas Split (E1): Boosts adjacent enemy damage by 25%.
  • Swing, Skies Squashed (E2): Increases basic attack, skill, and Ultimate damage by 20% for two turns.
  • Strike, Suns Subdued (E3): Upgrades Ultimate and basic attack levels.
  • Spin, Stars Sieged (E4): Regenerates two energy for each hit by Lightning-Lord.
  • Stride, Spoils Seized (E5): Increases Skill and Talent levels.
  • Sweep, Souls Slain (E6): Makes enemies Vulnerable, increasing damage received.

Jing Yuan Best Builds and Teams

To make Jing Yuan a cornerstone of your team, you’ll need to focus on optimizing his build. This is where you can really make a difference. For instance, some players swear by the Honkai Star Rail Kafka Build for Jing Yuan due to its strong synergies.

To Ascend or Not to Ascend?

Ascension materials are not easy to come by, especially for a 5-star character like Jing Yuan. Is he worth the investment? Absolutely. His high damage potential, coupled with a unique playstyle, makes him an asset to any team.

Summary: Your Go-To Guide for Jing Yuan

  • Best Light Cone: 5-Star Before Dawn
  • Best Relics: 4-Piece Band of Sizzling Thunder and 2-Piece Inert Salsotto
  • Best Team Comp: Bronya, Bailu, and Tingyun (Replace Tingyun with a shielder like Gepard for more survivability)

And there you have it. This is the optimal build for Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail, crafted to help you master his unique mechanics and optimize his potential. Whether you’ve just pulled him or are eagerly waiting for his banner to return, understanding Jing Yuan’s abilities and synergies will put you miles ahead in the game.

The Big Question: Is Jing Yuan Worth It?

In a word? Absolutely. Jing Yuan’s unique mechanics and versatile skill set make him a valuable addition to any team. His prowess in both single-target and AOE scenarios, as well as his synergy with various characters, makes him a must-have for anyone looking to dominate in Honkai Star Rail.

So what are you waiting for? Warp for Jing Yuan and let the Lightning-Lord lead your path to victory!

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