Coin Master Rare Cards List

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Collecting rare cards in Coin Master grants you access to exclusive benefits and prizes that other players cannot get, similar to Coin Master Free Spin. Rare cards also increase your chances of completing card sets, which can be swapped for coins and spins. Rare cards help you finish some rare card collections, and on top of that, they will give many bonuses like coin master free spin, free pet food, and XP.

Coin Master Rare Cards List

Coin Master Rare Cards List

Rare CardSetTier Value
ArmstrongSpaceVery High Rare Cards
BlizzSpaceVery High Rare Cards
Barrel tankSpaceVery High Rare Cards
Cosmic CarlSpaceVery High Rare Cards
CrusaderSpaceVery High Rare Cards
Aztec PrincessMythicalHigh Tier Rare Cards
AndromedaMythicalHigh Tier Rare Cards
Elder ElkMythicalHigh Tier Rare Cards
Creaky CrowMythicalHigh Tier Rare Cards
HotrodMythicalHigh Tier Rare Cards
CleopatraEgyptianMid Tier Rare Cards
Baby TrissHalloweenMid Tier Rare Cards
Fighting FredEgyptianMid Tier Rare Cards
ExcaliburKing ArthurMid Tier Rare Cards
Gentle DelphiGreekMid Tier Rare Cards
EvidenceSherlockLow Tier Rare Cards
Cheerful ChadPartyLow Tier Rare Cards
FlamurVikingLow Tier Rare Cards
Flamingo FridaJungleLow Tier Rare Cards
Builder BeaverAnimalsVery Low Rare Cards
African WarriorJungleVery Low Rare Cards
Caring CathyAnimalsVery Low Rare Cards
El tigerJungleVery Low Rare Cards

Note: The values of the rare cards have been classified into five tiers – Very High Rare Cards, High Tier Rare Cards, Mid Tier Rare Cards, Low Tier Rare Cards, and Very Low Tier Rare Cards – based on their rarity and difficulty to obtain.

How to get rare cards in Coin Master?

There are a few ways to get rare cards in Coin Master:

  • Buy Chests: The more chests you buy, the higher your chances of getting rare cards.

  • Trade with other Players: If you have duplicate cards, you can trade them with other players for rare cards.

  • Get Gifted: You can also get rare cards as gifts from other players.

You can also join Facebook groups where people share and trade cards to complete all the card sets. Some cards are more challenging than others, so you can try buying more chests or trading for same-value cards.

How can I trade with other players?

To trade with other players in Coin Master, you can join Facebook groups where people share and trade cards to complete all the card sets. You can also request or offer any Gold Cards you want to trade by posting on the official trading group Coin Master forum.

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