Up and Away – Hodja could be a dreamer. He needs to expertise the globe, however his father insists he stays home and takes over the family’s tailor look. fortuitously, Hodja meets the previous merchandiser El Faza, United Nations agency offers him a rug. In exchange he should bring the previous man’s very little grandchild, Diamond, back to Pjort. El Faza can’t travel the swayer town himself, because the mighty ruler has obligatory a death sentence on El Faza, on the grounds that he has taken the Sultan’s carpet. However, town life isn’t quite what Hodja expected, and he solely survives due to Emerald, a poor however streetwise woman, United Nations agency teaches him a way to manage within the huge world. however once Hodja loses his carpet to the power-hungry swayer, his luck appears to run out. can he complete his mission, notice El Faza’s grandchild and come safely back to Pjort?

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