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pes mobile android and ios settings

Pes mobile is one in every of more or less so much the most effective association football game you’ll realize on android and ios market. The game is extremely attention-grabbing speak additional of the graphics and gameplay everything concerning these game is beautiful, to ME its the most effective association football game I ever played in my life, I play the game a lot pay most of my time day and night taking part in these pretty game ne’er get bored of it.
The most attention-grabbing half concerning PES Mobile is taking part in against friends and relations beating the hell out of each other.
Pes mobile has an online challenge which you play against another player around the world and sees however smart you’re within the game and you get rank by what you play and your wins.
There is still local challenge wherever you play against friends and families around via Bluetooth that is even additional attention-grabbing cause you will not face any lag within the game cause it’s connected via Bluetooth no need for internet speed or something.


1)stable and fast network

these one in every of the necessary factor you most look in taking part in online challenge, cause if you do not have a stable network speed, my friend, you’re undoubtedly visiting lose cause your player is going to be slower in terms of everything you are trying to play like passing the ball quickly before your opponent gets to you and putting your shot for goal.
And you may notice that after you are with the ball your players waste time or take time to react to your commands however if your opponent has an improved network than you then you’re finished, he are going to be additional fasted than you once he collects the ball and that is after you understand you’re finished you may undoubtedly lose the match.
I strongly suggest taking part in online challenges on a 4g network or a powerful WiFi connection if you’re employing a 3g network they’re still apps which will boost and stabilize your network for online challenges.

2)How to Grow a quicker team strength

They are many ways you’ll grow your team however i like to recommend my very own vogue and it helps ME a lot I mean a lot, cause am having a 3000+ team strength and am here to inform you the way it’s done.
First the events you play can verify how briskly your team can grow to trust ME it’s matters a lot, initially I created the identical mistake several new pes mobile gamers making right now by taking part in the incorrect events that aren’t helping my  team strength grow stronger rather i get little rewards for playing a total of the many matches am talking regarding the campaign challenge yeah, the campaign challenge I will be able to just play a complete of ten matches to realize two contract renewal simply imagine simply two for a full of wasting two hundred game battery for simply two contract renewal it really so not cool at all Konami should have look into that aspect at list a black ball signing after completing a successful ten hard matches on campaign challenge that could have been fair. however  discovered that I get additional rewards after I play tour event and online challenge which I get rewards like silver ball signing and gold ball singing that which you could luckily get a black balls players, I got several of black balls players from the silver balls signing that I got from tour events, you get trainers like level four,3,2,1 all are from tour events. I recommend you play tour events terribly vital and do not let any on-line challenge pass you bye you may want the gold coins for several reasons.

 PES MOBILE Android A ios Settings

There are things many of us do not perceive concerning pes mobile is that they’re settings and tips that will facilitate your pes mobile gaming either you’re a professional or beginner the following tips will facilitate your team in a time of gameplay within the pitch.
And Am going to show you does settings and you ought to strive it and see for your self.


Auto sliding

I know several are going to be curious why I set auto sliding motor-assisted. Yes, I did therefore cause it facilitates lots by permitting your player slid at your opponent once they have a clear space to attack, therefore, cause you cannot make out absolutely clean sliding without attracting a card to your player, therefore, the auto sliding can make out for you and save you the stress terribly straightforward. Early after I do not know concerning the auto sliding I off it, however, I noticed that my defenders don’t seem to be active have they ought to be which piss me off after I try and slide my opponent I get red card cause i do not know the correct time to slid for the ball while not obtaining a card however after I set the auto slide on all I needed to do  is to pull my player closed to  my opponent that is with the ball and they will automatically take care of the situation them self generally individuals thinks am that sensible and good in playing defensive game, however, no am not my  defense take care of them self that’s it try it and thank me later.

Stamina gauge

Yeah, stamina gauge, however, can square measure the performance of all your players in the match, how will you feel after playing  a successful 45min first half and in 2nd half your players are misbehaving once performing all right at first half and in second half they are weak, yeah I do feel angry a lot angry but with stamina gauge on you will noticed it and change any player that is tired instantly.if you could notice the weak players early and remove them then you won’t be having any weak spot on your team.


Yeah knowing the player that is appropriate the match and not putting a player that will frustrate you within the match. How will you feel you’re taking part in a crucial match and your key striker is aubamiyan and his performance is red arrow down and you do not care regarding checking the performance cause you do not understand something regarding it, seriously you’ll notice it within the match that your Auba will create plenty of mistakes and even miss one on one persistently if you even get the prospect and he will not be able to disturb your opponent has he accustomed


this shows the performance of all the players before the match, therefore, look closely at the players I marked at the above picture, those players aren’t fit to play in the least they’re weak they have to rest therefore what do u neutralize such scenario ,you change them if not they will not perform well and can get tired terribly fast which is able to have an effect on your team in a method or the opposite.


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