Hello guys am here to talk to you about few tricks and apps that can help you boost your network speed and keep your network stable for an online gaming without frustrating your life.

Most issues people get in online game is there network speed and stability, network speed and stability matters a lot in online games mostly PES and PUBG mobile and many more online games, most people that can’t afford a wifi network or doesn’t have a 4g mobile faces problems with 3g network cause it not strong enough to give them speed they need to enjoy online games.

And again remember high ping are not good for gaming even if the network is fast but the ping is high its bad for online gaming  online gaming needs a very low ping to run smoothly so please take note of that  below am going to be listing few apps in playstore that can reduce your ping and give you a very smooth game play you need.

1*HSPA+Tweaker (3g booster)

These app is very wonderful in terms of boosting your network speed and stability and to me its the best in you can use even though it’s has it issues, the problem with hspa tweaker is that it’s drains battery cause it’s run heavily on phone back ground.

HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster, stabilization of mobile network) – best application, for force support HSPAP (3,75G) mobile connection using customizable reconnects.

How this app can help:
● Decrease ping jumping to a minimum value, in online gaming, lag or freezes becomes much less.
● Improve the quality of voice and video calls, for example skypе.
● Reduce delays in viewing online (streaming) video youtubе, and etc.
● All of the above for use on a laptop, via WiFi hot-spot from your device.

Two types of custom reconnect:
● Check the ping to any host.
● Download files of a certain size.

Additionally: This app is intended to stabilize the existing 3G H+ (HSPAP) connection, I recommend to enable 3G only network in settings. Some devices may not support the default view and reconnect settings, you can manually directly during the service is enabled, select the parameters under which the maximum effect is achieved. Interstitial advertisement can be disabled for free in about section, advertisement.

Download HSPA Tweaker here

2*VERY Simple Ping

Very simple ping is another great app that helps a lot in terms of lowering your ping for gaming, and the interesting part of very simple ping is that it’s battery friendly doesn’t drain battery and hardly disconnect when it’s connected and it’s really helps you should try it.

Most simple and easy to use.
One Click and auto run
Can walk behind, to stabilize your internet.
Suitable for internet connection.

Download very simple ping here

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